Anal Beads Vs. Butt Plugs

When it comes to anal pleasure, there are many toys you can use. Some prefer to explore their butt using fingers, while others prefer dildos.

However, the most commonly used toys are butt plugs and anal beads. These two toys are amazing, and they give satisfying anal pleasure. They are two different toys only that they offer anal pleasure.

anal beads vs butt plugs

Besides, the toys have their advantages and disadvantages, meaning you have to choose a toy that will suit your personal preference. If you are new or experienced with anal pleasure, here is a complete guide to anal beads vs butt plugs.

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What are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are comfortable sex toys used during foreplay, solo play, masturbation, or intercourse to enhance orgasm. The sex toy has beads of different sizes and a ring at the end for easy removal. The main role of anal beads is to stimulate nerve endings in the anus for satisfying pleasure.

Like any other sex toy, anal beads are available in different sizes, types, colors, and features. Depending on your experience and comfort level with anal stimulation, you can use any size. Furthermore, you can find anal beads with bulbs that are uniform in size or those that gradually increase in size on the cord.

Using a sex toy enhances pleasure in any sex act for anybody or partner combination. If you are a beginner, anal beads are an excellent way to start anal pleasure.

Are Anal Beads Good for Beginners?

Anal beads are good sex toys for both beginners and experienced users. Because they come in different sizes, you can start small or go as big as you like depending on how much pleasure you want.

The good thing about anal beads is that they are smooth and flexible. They progress slowly and provide a satisfying, stimulating massage while going deep in the anal.

The pleasure of anal beads lies in the process of taking them out, especially at the right moment. While they may feel incredible inserting in, anal beads can give you a crazy orgasm when pulled out at the right moment. This stretching stimulates the nerves, offering satisfying anal pleasure.

However, many beginners are not used to this sensation of tugging anal beads out, mostly during or before an orgasm. Sometimes the sensation can be too much for beginners, and that is why it is good to start small as you advance. You can follow Aiclegal’s guide to small anal beads if you want some great beginner recommendations.

Types of Anal Beads

There are different designs of anal beads. Some have beads of the same size, while others have beads that increase as they move up. Still, they are made from different materials, each with advantages and disadvantages.

  • Traditional beads: these beads are flexible and progressive in size. They are connected by a string or comprised of jelly-like materials that only serve you for a few sessions. You should avoid them because they are not budget-friendly.
  • Glass beads: these are simple to clean, and they can be warmed before insertion for more sensation. However, they are fragile and break easily. Aiclegal got an article with the best glass anal beads if you’re into that.
  • Vibrating anal beads: these add more intensity during the climax. Depending on your experience and level of comfort, you can switch to a vibration setting that works well for your needs. You can find more information about the best vibrating anal beads here.

Before using any anal bead, it is good to add your favorite anal-safe lube to your anus. The lube will make insertion and removal smooth without causing discomfort. To avoid damage, check if the lube you want to use is compatible with your model.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Anal Beads?


  • Anal beads are versatile: anal beads can be used to stimulate the prostate, vagina, vagina, or G-spot indirectly. Their varied sizes and designs make them a good choice for beginners and experienced users. You can find an anal bead with anal beads of different sizes that graduate slowly in size so you can insert them at your desired circumference and depth. To give you more satisfying anal pleasure, some have a vibrating function.
  • Flexible and easy to manipulate: their flexibility and wide range of movement make them stand out among other sex toys.
  • They are simple to clean and maintain: you can clean your anal beads with warm water and soap in the dishwasher or treat them with a 10% bleach solution.


  • They don’t support hands-free use: unlike a butt plug that you can wear and continue with your tasks, anal beads must be controlled. Anal beads massage anal walls by a repetition of in and out motion, meaning you have to operate the toy.
  • They may look intimidating: beginners may think the toys are out of their league because they are long.
  • They can be painful: anal beads are not designed the same, where some can be comfortable and others painful. Most beginners find anal beads uncomfortable and painful when inserting for the first time.
  • Some aren’t safe to use: anal beads connected with cotton or nylon strings aren’t safe as the silicone models. Silicone is hypoallergic and skin-friendly.

What is a Butt Plug?

After dildos, butt plugs are used worldwide as sex toys. Butt plugs are widely known and suitable for anal stretching enthusiasts. Like anal beads, they stimulate the anus to give you pleasure or orgasm.

Both men and women can enjoy butt plugs. However, men benefit more from butt plug because it stimulates the prostate.

Also, even if you don’t have a prostate, butt plugs are still worth your attention. For women, they offer extra pressure to the vagina walls, allowing for stronger contractions. Still, the anus has nerve endings, and using a butt plug can feel amazing.

What is Butt Plugs Good for Beginners?

Butt plugs are used as prep for anal sex. They have a shape that dilates the anus, making anal pleasure more enjoyable. Besides, they have a versatile design that allows you to enjoy self-pleasure if you are not interested in anal penetration.

Both beginners and experienced users can use them. To get the best experience, you have to choose a butt plug correctly.

Butt plugs come in different sizes and shapes. It is good to start small instead of vibrating toys if you are a beginner. It is good you start with a small butt plug that is comfortable.

Furthermore, get a butt plug with a good base. Choosing a plug with a flared base will prevent your sphincter from swallowing the butt plug.

Types of Butt Plugs

Butt plugs offer a simple introduction to anal play. They can be worn during intercourse or worn for some hours until you are fully satisfied. The common types of butt plugs are:

  • Tradition butt plugs: traditional butt plugs have a flanged base made from rubber, silicone, or metal. They are smaller at the tip for simple insertion and have increased width toward the bottom.
  • Decorative plugs: the butt plugs include a special touch at the base to give a sexy visual when inserted.
  • Multiple plugs: these butt plugs come as a part of an anal trainer kit. The trainers help you adjust slowly to butt plugs of different sizes before advancing.
  • Anal plugs with pumps: once the toy is inside, it enhances simple expansion and stimulation. They feature a quick-release valve, and it inflates to your level of comfort.

Still, butt plugs are made from different materials. The commonly used material is silicone because of its flexibility, ease of cleaning, and sturdiness. It has a soft, smooth texture that gives maximum comfort.

Glass is another material with an elegant design and generates less friction on your skin. However, it is not good for beginners because it shatters easily due to its fragile nature.

Advantages of Butt Plugs

  • Provide constant pressure: Butt plugs are a perfect choice for anyone looking for continuous pressure applied to the prostate.
  • They provide a deeper stretch than anal beads. It stimulates the nerve endings in the anal rim, thus giving pleasure.
  • Perfect toy for female anal stimulation. Although anal beads are still pleasurable, butt plugs provide significant pressure to the vagina walls.
  • They allow for hands-free operation once inserted.


When it comes to size, they don’t give you an option to start small. Yes. You can find a small butt plug, but you can’t adjust to different sizes as you can with anal beads.

Given that you can’t start small, butt plugs can be painful for beginners.

Safety Considerations to Keep in Mind When Using the Sex Toys

Like any other sex toy, it can cause pain or discomfort when not used properly. Here are some safety ideas to keep in mind:

  • Get a size that won’t overstretch the anal muscles
  • Choose a butt plug vs an anal plug made from non-allergic and safe materials
  • Avoid sharing your toys to avoid infections
  • Apply enough lube before using anal beads or butt plugs to reduce friction
  • Make sure it has a handle or base for easy removal
  • Don’t stay with them too long and avoid leaving them in when sleeping.

Which one is Beginner-Friendly?

The debate between anal beads vs butt plugs never gets boring. Since you can get the two toys in a wide range of sizes, any beginner or experienced user can use them.

Anal beads are the best option for beginners because they allow you to start slow and progress over time. Still, butt plugs can be used by beginners.

However, they are not preferred for beginners because they don’t allow you to start small. They can cause discomfort and pain because of overstretching.

Butt plugs are suitable for experienced users who are sued to anal stretching. Still, they can be used as prep for people who love anal penetration.

Which is the Best?

The sex toy you choose will depend on your needs. Beads and butt provide different types of sensations. For beginners, anal beads are the best. You only have to make sure you are comfortable with the tugging sensation and avoid tugging too much.

Anal beads will enable you to enter the anal playfield cautiously. Furthermore, beads are simple to maintain and easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about hygiene.

On the other hand, butt plugs are great for advanced users. Butt plugs provide a different form of sensation, and they are good for anyone looking for continuous sensation.

They stimulate the nerves in the anus and completely prepare them for anal sex. Men can use butt plugs to pressure the prostate, and women can stimulate the vagina walls.

Bottom Line

Whether you like using butt plugs or anal beads, it will depend on what you prefer. The toys are suitable for beginners and advanced users because they offer ultimate stimulation.

However, before you dip your favorite toy in your vagina or anal, make sure it is safe to use, go slowly, try it solo the first time, and avoid sharing the toys with anyone.

I would recommend you take a look at Aiclegal’s list of the best anal beads if you have chosen to go with anal beads.

And have a look at our guide to the best butt plugs if that’s your choice.

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