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  • Quality
  • Support
  • Price

Review Summary:

The Bathmate Power Rings is a set of 3 different penis rings that each has a unique shape. I didn’t feel any difference in terms of performance between the 3 shapes but my partner did notice the shape differences on her skin.

They are made of a stretchy TPR/TPE material which is good for cock rings but the molding process has been a bit sloppy and you can see the minor imperfections on the rings.

You can pick up a single Power Ring for $10 which is fairly competitive and makes it a good budget cock ring choice.

Bathmate Power Rings

The Power Rings will help you get:

  • A strong erection in a matter of seconds
  • Longer lasting erection
  • Much firmer erection
  • The ability to last longer

Overall, fairly good performance but the quality is a little behind but the price is cheap.

User Review
4.14 (7 votes)

When I first caught wind of the Bathmate Power Rings, I was a tad skeptical. The market’s brimming with gadgets and gizmos claiming to be the be-all and end-all for men seeking a bit of enhancement, but few live up to the hype.

After combing through loads of feedback and experiences, it became clear that the Bathmate brand boasts a solid rep for quality and results.

The Bathmate Power Rings are no exception, touting not just a promise of improved performance, but also the allure of increased pleasure.

testing spartan power ring

I’ve noticed these rings are made from a material praised for their durability and flexibility, which is vital when you’re considering comfort and safety in such a sensitive area.

Let’s face it, when you’re shopping for something that’ll accompany you in the heat of the moment, you want the assurances of both effectiveness and a no-hitch experience.

This is where the Bathmate Power Rings stand out, sporting a design that is supposed to be both snug and unobtrusive.

testing gladiator power ring

From the user reviews, there’s a sense that whether you’re a novice or seasoned in the world of male enhancement devices, the Power Rings seem to cater to all levels.

The community chatter about ease of use and comfort, coupled with the reported gains in girth, kept nudging me to give these rings a closer look.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the proof is in the pudding—or this case, the wearing—so I’m approaching this review with an open mind and a keen eye on whether these rings walk the walk as much as they talk the talk.

Bathmate Power Rings Overview

I’ve been diving into the world of Bathmate Power Rings and it’s quite fascinating. They’re not just your usual cock rings; there’s a mix of innovation in design and materials that sets them apart.

Here, I’m going to break down the unique aspects of these power rings that might interest anyone looking to enhance their experience.

Design and Material Innovations

The Bathmate Power Rings are crafted from a trademarked material known as Elastomex, which I found combines durability with exceptional elasticity. The design features both octagonal and circular shapes, which is unique.

Bathmate power rings closeup

The octagonal variant, they say, adds a distinctive edge to the ring’s grip, while the typical circular design offers a classic fit. What stands out is their commitment to user comfort, and it’s clear that these rings were made with both pleasure and performance in mind.

Sizing and Fit

Figuring out the right size is crucial for any cock ring, and the Bathmate Power Rings seem to understand this. Available in several sizes, these rings cater to a range of preferences. I appreciate that they’re inherently stretchy, which means they accommodate most sizes with ease.

The snug fit they offer is meant to maintain an erection for longer periods, which could potentially enhance the user’s experience.

Comfort-wise, it’s a win; the rings are designed not to pinch or constrain unnecessarily, which is essential when you’re using something like this.

barbarian power ring
gladiator power ring

In terms of fit, the material’s elasticity plays a huge role. Elastomex, being a unique blend, allows the ring to stretch considerably and return to its original shape without losing its strength, ensuring both comfort and durability over time.

Using Bathmate Power Rings for Maximum Benefits

In my experience, Bathmate Power Rings have been a game changer for spicing up my sex life by enhancing erection firmness and endurance. Let’s dive into how we can leverage these rings to their full potential.

Enhancing Erections and Sexual Performance

I’ve noticed that when I slip on a Bathmate Power Ring, my erection hardness significantly improves, giving that feeling of unmatched firmness. It’s that firm grip at the base of my penis that seems to help maintain the blood flow, leading to a more substantial erection.

Studies have also shown the positive effect of cock rings when used moderately.

testing barbarian power ring

Furthermore, I’ve found that my orgasms have intensified. It’s like the ring helps by trapping the pressure which heightens sensitivity and consequently, the pleasure. No more concerns about failing erections or fleeting pleasure during sex.

Combining With Penis Pumping Exercises

Pairing Bathmate Power Rings with regular penis exercises elevates my routine significantly. Here’s how I do it:

Penis Pump Session: I start with a 10–15-minute HydroMax session to increase blood flow and girth.

Applying the Power Ring: Immediately after pumping, I place the power ring at the base of my penis. It’s a bit of a stretch, but once it’s on, the fit is snug.

Through this combo, I tackle concerns like erectile dysfunction from multiple angles. Not only does the pump prepare me, but the ring ensures I maintain that increased size and firmness. It’s all about building real pleasure with maximum convenience.

Remember, it’s crucial to listen to my body and avoid overdoing it to prevent injury. The key is consistent, moderated use for the best results.

Should I clean them after use?

Yes, after using Bathmate penis rings, you should clean them with soft soap and water. You can also use sex toy cleaners to maintain the necessary level of hygiene.


  • A strong erection in a matter of seconds
  • Longer lasting erection
  • Much firmer erection
  • The ability to last longer
  • Soft & comfortable to wear
  • You can get 3 different designs
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Affordable at $10 pr. ring


  • It might feel uncomfortable after long periods
  • The quality is a little lower than I expected

My Final Thoughts About Them

I have to be honest; I was expecting better quality from Bathmate. They are known for their high-quality products which makes it seem like they didn’t put as much effort into it.

It’s not bad especially when you consider the low price but I would much rather have paid $20 and gotten much high-quality instead of $10.

But so far, they have worked as intended and I don’t have any other complaints about them. So, if you’re after some cheap cock rings then they are a good choice.

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