Bathmate Prostate Vibe Review 2023

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Review summary:

The Bathmate Vibe is a great sex toy that all men should try. The quality is very high and there is always a perfect setting for you with the 10-step vibrating system.

This is a great beginner’s toy but more experienced men will certainly also enjoy it.

Bathmate prostate vibe box


  • Easy to charge with USB cable
  • Water-proof
  • 10-step vibrating bullet system
  • Get amazing prostate orgasms

I recommend it to all men who want to experience amazing prostate orgasms

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I finally got my hands on the brand new Bathmate Vibe prostate massager.

Bathmate is a well-known brand in the penis pump world and makes some of the best penis pumps.

They recently jumped onto other sex toys and today I’ll be looking at their prostate massager.

Let’s see what goodies they have included in their package

What’s in the Bathmate Vibe box?

Bathmate prostate vibe box

Besides the Bathmate Vibe massager itself the box contains:

  • A USB charging cable for easy recharging
  • The 10-step vibrating bullet
  • A pouch for all the parts for easy storage
  • The Vibe massager

The box came in a discreet package without any Bathmate/sex toy information on it for your privacy.

What’s so special about it?

There are a few things that makes this product special compared to other similar products.

The first thing that jumps out is the fact that it’s water-proof and that a really big thing in my book since it makes it so much easier to clean and you can enjoy it while taking a bath.

The second thing is the 10-step vibrating bullet, this is not just another vibrating bullet. The quality is very high and the bullet can be use with other Bathmate sex toys.

The vibration goes from soft and slow to hard and fast – Just play around with the settings and find the setting that gets you off!

Bathmate Vibe

What should I know before trying it?

Before you use it for the first time:

It’s important to clean yourself before using any anal sex toys. This can be done with a finger or two, or you can use an anal douche. I would recommend that you invest in an anal douche if you’re going to use anal sex toys regularly, it’s simply just a lot easier and faster.

It will feel very tight the first few times but that’s all part of the journey.

Just remember the lube

Use plenty of lube!

Yes, that’s right!

You can never use enough lube when you’re going in from behind. Bathmate has an anal lube that you can get from the same website as the Bathmate Vibe massager, I would highly recommend you that product.

You can also use other lubes; I’ve made a list of different anal lubes here.

Remember to clean you sex toys

Cleaning your sex toys is never fun, but it’s very important especially with anal toys! Just imagine the smell and the number of bacteria’s that can grow on a massager like this one if you leave it in a box for a couple of weeks….

Just use hot water and soap!

It’s as easy as that.

Bathmate Prostate Massager

How does it perform against other prostate massagers?

The Bathmate prostate Vibe is priced at $69.99 which makes it a mid-range product but the quality and performance is just as a much higher priced product.

The 10-step vibrating bullet makes all the difference compared to other products and that’s the main reason why it’s one the first spot on out list of the best prostate massagers.

My final thoughts about the Bathmate Pleasure Vibe

I got to be honest with you – My expectations for this product has been sky high, I’m the proud owner of several Bathmate penis pumps and I know that they always deliver great products of the highest quality.

My expectations have been met and far exceeded what I had hoped for!

This is a great beginner prostate massager that you will be able to use and enjoy if for a long time!

I recommend the Bathmate Prostate Vibe massager for all men who want to give prostate massaging a try or want to upgrade their current toys.

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