3 Best Large Penis Pumps 2023 – Battle of the Giants

Large penis pumps are very popular for both penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction.

Most men have heard the term penis pump, but most are not familiar with how it actually works.

Therefore, it will be interesting for you to learn about the basics, features and benefits of penis pumps below. After reading it, you will know all the essential basics and the recommended large penis pumps to buy.

If you’re penis size is under 8 inch I would recommend you to take a look at my list of the best penis pumps for guys with average penis size here.

As an extra there is a recommendation on which technique you should use.

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Benefits of large penis pumps besides penis enlargement:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Possibly a solution for correction or direction of a crooked penis (Peyronie’s disease)
  • Can help to increase sexual stamina, making sexual activities better and longer
  • May help to enlarge the glans or the head of the penis
  • Can help to increase the penis length by up to 5cm.Hydro pumps are known to effectively increase the size of the penis
  • Can ensure immediate, visible results that are temporary but can be used directly in sexual activities
  • Can take care of getting rock-hard erections immediately if desired

Penis pumps have been used in the medical world for years to help men who have difficulty getting erections. The first available penis pumps were air-vacuum pumps.

Later, water-based hydro-pumps were introduced to make penis enlargement possible. Although penis pumps have existed for a long time, they are often misunderstood and regarded only as a means of penis enlargement.

The information presented here will hopefully enlighten many people as to what penis pumps really are all about. Below we will explain different types of penis pumps, provide an explanation of how they work, and give tips on choosing the right pump for penis enlargement.

Penis pumps are very effective when it comes to achieving permanent results. This requires regular, routine use. Usually, the routines recommended by the manufacturer are a good place to start.

Which big penis pumps are available?

Today, there are two popular penis pumps on the market, Bathmate and Penomet. Both pumps are based on water, so they are hydro-penis pumps. There are many models circulating in the air-vacuum pumps that are excellently designed and of high quality, but there are also less effective ones.

The aim of the penis pump is to create a vacuum to allow the penis to spread while the air is removed. Hydro pumps use water to produce the desired vacuum.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and most badass penis pumps around!

#1 Bathmate HydroXtreme


For enthusiasts who find even the performance of the HydroMax Series too modest, there is also the HydroXtreme series, which is equipped with an additional hand diaphragm pump. This allows the pressure to be increased even better and dosed.

The HydroXtreme11 is the pump is equipped with many accessories and a comfortable, safe pumping system that creates a vacuum inside  for ideal penis exercises. It is the most powerful water pump in the Bathmate series. It is bigger than HydroMax7 but with a power up to 10 times higher. The secret hides in the new system with a manual pump that allows water to easily escape. This makes Bathmate HydroXtreme11 easy to use. It is designed for those who want to increase the size of their penis in a very short time.

  • Up to 250% more efficient than air pumps
  • Comfortable to use in the shower thanks to the NEW manual pump
  • It can help achieve lasting erections
  • It can help reduce erectile dysfunction
  • Supplied with a complete set of accessories
  • 1 year warranty

What differentiates it from previous models is the technology with manual pump that allows better blood circulation, can increase the size of the penis and consequently can improve sexual performance.
Bathmate HydroXtreme11 is really convenient to use and comes complete with a set of accessories that make it superior to others.

The package contains:

  • Bathmate HydroXtreme11
  • Carrying case
  • Safety closure
  • Shower Strap
  • Hydromax lubricant
  • Pipe connection
  • Manual bellows
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Guide for measurement
  • Instruction manual
  • Drying towel

More powerful, but always easy to use:

  • Place the penis at the head of the penis pump valve in a central position and attach the manual pump
  • At the base, insert the ring that helps to fix the pump better without causing discomfort to the base of the penis and in the area of the testicles
  • Fill the water pump and insert the penis
  • Place it on the base and with the manual pump start creating the depression inside
  • The excess water will escape from the valve on the manual pump
  • Relax for about 5 minutes and let the vacuum created by pumping work on the penis
  • Remove every 5 minutes and massage the penis for about 30 seconds. Repeat a maximum of 3 times (15 minutes) a day

A measurement scale is printed on the transparent tube to see the results in real time. Already from the first time you will see the penis increase in size. The final results can be seen after about 4-6 months of exercises.

Read my review of the HydroXtreme11 penis pump here.

buy Bathmate Hydroxtreme11 here

#2 Penomet – No longer being sold


Penomet is a revolutionary and award-winning penis pump featuring a unique, replaceable suction cuff system. This allows you to use Penomet according to your wishes and to get the most out of comfort, performance and results.

Penomet – an innovative, water-based penis pump – is a much uncomplicated device, the correct use of which you can quickly learn. It works both with water in the bathtub and like a conventional penis pump with air. In this Penomet review, you will learn how you can best benefit from this technology.

Which Penomet package is the best?

There are three different packages: Standard, Extra and Premium. The most important difference is the number of different cuffs that are included.

  • Standard version – 1 cuff
  • Extra Edition – 3 cuffs
  • Premium Edition – 5 cuffs

More cuffs give you more options for varying the suction power. Only the premium package contains the strongest cuffs that are needed for a permanent increase in size.

Advantages of Penomet

  • Unique on the market thanks to a sophisticated system with interchangeable suction cups
  • Wide range of application methods with matching exercises
  • Very durable suction cuffs with lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Stable, transparent pump cylinder with scale and a state-of-art valve system available in six different colors

The quality of Penomet

The product is very well made and durable. The suction cuffs are very comfortable and tight. The pump itself is very strong and feels incredibly good, especially when used with warm water (many beginners can barely contain an orgasm at first, but that will change over time). The suction cups are extremely comfortable on the skin because they are made of soft silicone that is both strong and long lasting.
The strongest suction cup (red 80) is especially suitable for advanced users. Thus, permanent growth in size is very possible. Even the strong cuffs will withstand the pressure again and again and will not lose their suction power. The manufacturer is so confident in the quality of the cuffs that he gives a lifetime guarantee. Should one break, you will receive a spare cuff for free.

How is Penomet used?

It is very easy to use the product regularly. It’s easy to use, it feels great and the results are almost immediate. Wear the pump in the shower or bathtub for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time. Of course, if the pressure is too great, you should not go beyond the limits of well-being!

Option 1: water-based

Then let your penis regenerate for 18 to 48 hours (from the pump, of course there is nothing against sex!). Beginners should take the regeneration phase particularly seriously, especially if the penis feels sore. Over time, you should experiment with the different suction cuffs to get a feel for the best pressure. Or simply follow the programs in the enclosed instructions.

Option 2: outside the shower

You can also use the Penomet without water. However, it is not recommended, as otherwise you could use any better vacuum penis pump, but deprive yourself of the advantages of the warm water.

In earlier versions, a package of a special lubricant was supplied for use without water. However, even the manufacturer has recognized that the majority of consumers do not use this option.


#3 Bathmate HydroMax


The HydroMax9 is suitable for men with a penis length of more than 20 cm during erection. The pump is filled with lukewarm water and then placed over your penis. When you press it against your body, the water will slowly get out of the pump while your penis is being sucked and thus also getting more volume. The HydroMax9 comes with the following accessories:

  • Luxury pouch
  • Flexible measuring tape
  • Hand pump
  • Lubricant
  • Shower strap
  • Comfort pad
  • Cleaning set

This HydroMax series is for advanced users who already have experience with the use of penis pumps and are more in search of a product for penis enlargement. This series has a 35% increase in performance over the basic version.

Whether in the shower or in the bathtub – the HydroMax9 is always at hand and can be used for a pleasant workout for your best piece. The medium is used in which you are anyway – soothing (warm) water! The risk of skin irritation or even rash or bruising is thereby minimized.

An additional aspect of using water appears to be deposition in the skin. By using for 15-20 minutes, the skin of the penis is softened a bit and absorbs some water, which also contributes to a larger overall impression. Not only is the penis more plump and stiff after use, it is also noticeably larger than normal for hours even when it is flaccid.

You can read my full review of the HydroMax penis pump here.

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Why choose a big water-based penis pump?

The warmth of the water stretches and relaxes the blood vessels in your penis. This makes hydro pumps much more effective than other methods at enlarging the penis. You can save yourself the trouble of having to undergo lengthy procedures with extenders or endless manual stretching exercises (jelqing) for the penis. All you need is a semi-rigid penis.

Parts of the water-based penis pump

Conventional air-vacuum penis pumps consist of two parts, the cylindrical tube and the mechanism with which the vacuum is generated. Usually, the tube is about 20cm long and has a diameter of 4 to 10cm.

Hydraulic pumps are constructed differently and usually consist only of the cylindrical tube, are attached to the bellows for vacuum formation and which is held directly to the pool. Hydro pumps are often available in innovative designs.

These are the benefits of a large water-based penis pump

  • You pump more blood through the veins of your penis, giving you better erections and forestalling problems with your sexual health
  • Immediate increase in length and circumference after each pump
  • More space for permanent success, especially if you are already an advanced user
  • Longer lasting growth in long-term use

Large water-based pressure pumps or hydro-penis pumps

Penis pumps have been around for a while, but brands like Bathmate or Penomet have over the past few years made them better known with the principle of water-based pressure pumps.

Hydro pumps work like classic air-vacuum pumps, except that they do not use air. Given that hydro-pumps are water-based, they are often used in the shower. If you want to incorporate this type of penis pump in your daily routine and use it regularly in the shower, you will notice visible results already after 30 days.

For detailed information and customer reviews, visit the websites of the respective companies or search the Internet for an overview comparing Hydro-Pumps.

Knowledgeable facts and hints

  • Use before sex – highly recommended because the application makes your penis significantly bigger and stronger for several hours
  • Treatment of sexual problems – Erectile dysfunction or impotence are often caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis. Penomet helps the blood vessels in your penis relax and allow more blood flow. This will help you get stronger erections and better control your orgasm. So there are reasons why penis pumps were originally prescribed only by doctors.
  • Better sex – through the above better blood flow into your penis, you will be able to keep an erection lighter and longer and better delay the orgasm. Naturally, results vary from man to man, but a full erection will not worsen your sex life.
  • Temporarily vs. Lasting results – do not be discouraged if the initial gains do not persist for the same amount of time. The more regularly you use Penomet, the bigger your penis will eventually become. Just like building muscle does not work overnight, but only through continuous workouts.


Water-based penis pumps are a significant advancement of more widely used vacuum penis pumps. They have more power, are more comfortable to use, safer and most of all very flexible. There are many different sizes, colors and abs available, so that really every man can find the right model for themselves.

Do not settle for inferior plastic penis pump, which also carries a risk of injury! Choose a high-quality hydro-penis pump that will help you get the most out of yourself and make a real impact with your best piece!

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