5 Best Metal Butt Plugs Tested and Reviewed

Butt plugs made of metal are available in all sex toy shops but there are a lot of crappy products being imported from China which you should avoid.

These toys are often sold on Amazon and other websites allowing third-party resellers.

All the metal butt plugs on the list below are high-quality and body safe so you can enjoy your playtime without worrying about health risks.

best metal butt plugs

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#1 Lovehoney Jeweled Heart Metal Butt Plug 2.5 Inch

With its 2.5 inches of insertable length, the Lovehoney jeweled heart metal butt plug is a medium size toy. The stunning polished metal surface features a lovely pink crystal heart at the bottom.

So, it looks pretty fancy and elegant as well.

Beginners will find the tapered tip and smooth bulbous body with a slender neck easy to insert. On top of that, changing the temperature by submerging the plug-in warm water will make wearing this toy a more comfortable first experience.

Like the best metal butt plugs on the market, this toy is cold to the touch but will easily heat up to the perfect temperature.

What I Think About It

Although you can use the Lovehoney metal butt plug with all lubricants, a water-based one may be the perfect choice for this toy. It will make the cleaning after use easy and quick.

#2 Booty Sparks Rose Anal Plug

This nickel-free aluminum anal plug is the ideal toy for people who love to feel submissive and owned.

The Booty Sparks rose anal plug intensifies your visual and physical pleasure with ceramic rose petals. Plus, it is available in medium (2.5 inches of insertable length) and small (2 inches of insertable length).

Wearing this sex toy is very pleasurable because it stimulates all the nerves in your butt. On the other hand, it may not be the most comfortable plug for several reasons.

This toy is not for long-term play, and because of the stiff metal body, you may find the sides of the rose petals make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Especially when they nestle between your cheeks for a while.

What I Think About It

Besides that, this toy is of the best metal butt plugs you can find. It is also one of the more beautiful plugs because it adds to the aesthetics of sex in the bedroom.

If you never considered a butt plug, you could try starting with the small size first and work your way up to the medium size over time.

#3 Nexus Cestos – Best Vibrating Option

Here is a unisex toy that comes with a rechargeable battery via USB. No need to screw and unscrew any part of the butt plug, plus it works remotely for extra convenience.

People who love anal play will enjoy the 5-inch circumference and 4 inches of insertable length as they explore each of the six available vibration modes.

nexus cestos

All you need to do to operate the vibration is to press the remote button and cycle through the patterns. It will definitely elevate sensations for you and anyone you use it with. And, of course, it is made of metal, which makes it super hygienic and easy to care for.

What I Think About It

What makes the Nexus Cestos vibrating butt plug one of the best metal butt plugs? The long 5-inch body is waterproof and will vibrate for up to one hour. You can place it in hot water and introduce temperature play without having to worry about cleaning afterward.

Update: Sold out

#4 Sexy Butt Plug – Has a Plush Tail!

Have you ever wanted to wear a sexy, fluffy tail butt plug? This foxy butt plug is among the best metal butt plugs with a plush tail! The soft tickles against your legs will make you feel wonderfully full of the beefy curves of the metal plug.

If you ever had an Aluminum butt plug, you know they are easy to clean, and do not worry about placing this toy in a safe spot to avoid accidental breaking. The Aluminum body is not so heavy that the toy will slip off while you wear it either, and the tail is pretty resilient.

What I Think About It

The insertable length is 2.75 inches, and the widest point measures only 1 inch. So, it is the ideal tail butt plug for beginners ready to explore the frisky side of anal play. You can choose among seven colors as well!

#5 Adam & Eve Pink Gem Anal Plug Set

The Adam & Eve Pink gem anal plug set offers a mini selection of the best metal butt plugs for beginners. In detail, it is a 3-piece butt plug set, which is the perfect solution for people who want to discover anal stimulation.

metal butt plug set

At first, you can start small and go one step further at your own pace. The difference between the small plug and the medium one is .39 inches, which is the same between the medium size and the large plug.

In the same way, circumference also changes slightly by roughly .3 inches per size.

What I Think About It

The plugs are made of body-safe Aluminum. So, you can heat them to the perfect temperature for better sensations. Also, the bottom contains a glamorous stone that gives the toy a luxurious appearance. I found them easy to clean and use for quick draw action!

Why are Metal Toys Better Than Other Materials?

  • Feel the Weight: Metal butt plugs are a game-changer, providing a sense of fullness that other materials just can’t offer. Their substantial weight gives an incredibly satisfying and unique feel.
  • Experiment with Temperature: Here’s where metal truly shines. Its ability to conduct temperature allows for exciting play, be it with a warming touch or a cool tease. It’s a feature that adds a unique twist to your intimate explorations.
  • Built to Last: Metal butt plugs offer the kind of durability that other materials can’t compete with. They don’t degrade over time, and with good care, they can serve you for years to come. It’s a one-time purchase for a lifetime of pleasure.
  • Clean and Safe: The fact that metal is non-porous makes these toys a champion in hygiene. They resist bacterial buildup and can be cleaned easily, even sterilized. It’s all about keeping your play safe and carefree.

Final Thought About Metal Butt Plugs

By far the biggest category of metal sex toys and one that you should consider if you’re after high-quality butt plugs that never break!

Metal has a lot of advantages over other softer materials when it comes to butt plugs. The first one is that it doesn’t bend when you push it in, which is the case with a lot of other butt plugs.

Metal also transfers heat extremely well compared to other softer materials, which makes it ideal for use in temperature play.

If you want to spice things up even more then head over to our list of the best metal dildos and find one that matches your butt plug and stay all metal.

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