Top 5 Best Pig Tail Butt Plugs

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for sex toys for your pig fetish. The list below has the highest-rated butt plugs with big tails based on quality/price.

The quality of all the products is good even the one in the last spot so you can comfortable choose that one you like the look of the best.

best pig tail butt plugs

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What is the Best Big Tail Butt Plug?

#1. Sinnovator Squeal Pig Tail

It is a healthy silicone butt plug from Sinnovator, where it has an insertable length of 4.53 inches, a length of 7 inches, and a circumference of 5.7 inches. At only 7 inches, it protrudes well and offers a delectable bounce with every movement. It is made from platinum silicone that is 100% body-safe, and it is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants.

The Sinnovator silicone butt plug glide inside smoothly, mainly when used with your favorite silicone or water-based lubricant. With only an insertable length of 4.53 inches and a circumference of 5.7 inches, it is a good toy for intense nerve stimulation.

sinnovator squeal butt plug


  • The silicone material is 100% body-safe
  • Compatible with your favorite water-based lubricant
  • It is smooth and flexible


  • Nothing to report.

What I think About it

Overall, this is a comfortable butt plug ideal for BDSM, humiliation play, anal play, and superior sex play. Besides, it has been carefully hand-sculpted with a twisted tail to match the owner’s needs.

#2. Master Series Pig Tail Butt Plug

With this pig tail butt plug, humiliate and make them squeal like a pig. It gives so much pleasure that you can pee on yourself or lose your mind. The butt plug is made of safe PVC, free from phthalates and other chemicals that can harm you. It has an appealing pink color that makes it great for those who love bright colors.

It has a circumference of 4.57 inches, an insertable length of 4 inches, a diameter of 3.7cm, and an overall length of 9.75 inches. Cleaning and maintaining the butt plug is easy because it is non-stick, and you only need to wash it with hot soapy water.

master series pink pig tail butt plug


  • The curls are solid, and they slowly guide the toy into the anus
  • The color is great, and the toy serves its role well as a humiliation toy
  • Simple to insert and retrieve


  • A little small for regular anal players.

What I think About it

With this pig tail butt plug, you can live out your dirty pig fantasies with realistic movement. You only need to slide it in your ass, and it will offer enough satisfaction.

#3. Pink Pig Tail B**t Plug

This toy is the best gift for any piggy. It looks appealing wiggles well with every move, adding a special sensational experience. The toy is hand-made from food-grade silicone with a natural smell and taste, and it has the right softness that will make you comfortable.

The plugs are available in 5 different sizes, allowing you to choose a size that will give your butt enough pleasure. It has a smoothened base that makes it easy to insert the butt plug and remove. Avoid sitting while wearing it because it can damage tissues in your anus. It is compatible with most water-based lubricants, and you should apply enough lubricant to the anus and the toy if you want to get the best experience.

piggy tail butt plug


  • The butt plug is safe and comfortable to use
  • It offers relaxing and satisfying anal pleasure
  • Hand-made from toxic-free silicone
  • The tail is playful and wiggles with every moment
  • It comes with a satin bag for storage


  • Despite coming in different sizes, I wish they were all wider to prevent them from falling out.

What I think About it

It is a suitable tail butt plug that can prepare you well for anal sex because it stimulates anal nerves and opens up the anal muscles. So, if you want satisfying anal pleasure, this pig tail butt plug is the way to go.

Update: Sold out

#4. NS Novelties Tail Butt Plug

Are you searching for a tail butt plug for satisfying anal pleasure? If yes, don’t hesitate to invest in this pig tail butt plug. The butt plug is carefully constructed from smooth silicone that feels great when entering your butt. You only need to accompany it with a compatible water-based lube for the best experience.

This butt plug satisfies and stretches the sensitive nerve endings while you act out piggy play fantasies. It is designed with a tapered rip that facilitates smooth insertion, and it has a flared base that ensures you don’t lose the toy inside.

black oinkz pig butt plug


  • It has a flared base and tapered tip
  • Made from smooth and flexible silicone
  • Compatible with your favorite water-based lube


  • Nothing to report.

What I think About it

Among our best pig tail butt plugs, this is the best butt plug you can use without worrying about your safety because it can be retrieved with ease after insertion, and it is made from food-grade silicone. Act out all your animalistic instincts with it, and you will be happy as a pig.

#5. BDSM Pig Tail Butt Plug

This is one of the best pig tail butt plugs in the market, thanks to its flexibility and classy design. It is hand-made from faux fur, a metal headband, and a metal butt plug. The construction is reliable enough to withstand everyday use, and it is hypoallergic.

It has a tapered tip that makes it easy to insert the plug without causing pain or discomfort. What’s more, it has a flared base connected to the faux fur for easy removal, and it ensures you never lose the butt plug inside.

bdsm toy pig set


  • This toy is flexible and lightweight
  • It is safe to insert and remove
  • The customer service is friendly and helpful


  • Too small for individuals with big butt holes.

What I think About it

Overall, the BDSM pig tail butt plug is a good toy for any anal lover who wants to have satisfying anal pressure with zero risk of pain or ass discomfort. It has a good construction that will guarantee a long-time service hence saving you money.

Update: Sold out

Final Conclusion About Butt Plugs with Pig Tails

You don’t have a ton of options when it comes to pig tail anal plugs but there should be one that suits your fantasy. You can always check out our list of butt plug tails if you want more tail options or our list of the highest rated butt plugs that we’ve reviewed on Aiclegal.

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  1. I love my pig tail buttplug, i have the Tailz brand which I found in my local sex shop. Makes me squeal like a pig

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