Best Realistic 9-Inch Dildos Tested and Reviewed

A 9-inch realistic dildo is huge and will be able to fill out the most cock hungry hole. I’ve tested hundreds of huge dildos in the past 10 years and below is my list of the best 9-inch (23cm) realistic dildos that I’ve seen.

I just want to make it clear that I’m talking about a 9-inch (23cm) insertable length and not the entire length which can be very misleading.

best 9-inch realistic dildo

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What’s the Best Realistic 9-inch Dildo 2024?

#1 Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic 9 Inch – Best Budget Option

It’s one of the most popular and pleasurable 9-inch dildos with raised veins and a tapered head along its shaft. The dildo has a slightly curved design to make the best seductive creature to target your P-spots and G-spots. The attractive size looks, and solid suction cup makes the best prodigious penis that guarantees to hit the spot.


  • Size: circumference, 6.5 inches, and insertable length, 9 inches
  • Features: suction cup, harness compatible
  • Allergens: phthalate-free
  • Material: PVC


  • It offers a super-fulfilling lifelike pleasure
  • It offers a high level of firmness
  • Flexible raised veins on the lengthy shaft heightened the internal sensations
  • Perfect for G-spot and P-spot pleasure
  • Allows a strap-on play and hands-free fun


  • Not the most realistic dildo
  • Not made of silicone

What I Think About It

It’s a really good budget 9-inch dildo that you can ride to heaven. The lifelike lover dildo is the best alternative when seeking an ultra-pleasurable play. The features make it the appropriate dildo to enhance solo pleasure or use to harness a couple’s play.

#2 New Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter is one of the common brands, with manly quality products in the porno industry. The brand has produced new dildos that offer the best pleasure when enjoying your time.

This new Jack Hunter dildo has been a mainstay in various cum-splashing and memorable scenes or studios.


  • Texture: realistic skin having light vein details
  • Material: Silicone
  • Flexibility: flexible or firm
  • Rim circumference: 5.6-inch
Jack Hunter realistic 9-inch dildo


  • Highly realistic molded after a real 9-inch cock
  • High-quality products
  • Has detailed vein system
  • You can get in a wide range of sizes


  • Not effective for P-spot or G-spot pleasure
  • Does not work with standard strap-on harnesses
  • Too thick for beginners

What I Think About It

The new Jack Hunter comes in different sizes, allowing you to choose the appropriate one for your memorable and pleasurable moment. The vein network on the lengthy shaft makes this the best dildo to select for your enjoyment needs.

*The link below leads to MrHankey’s homepage, simply click shop dildos and click “Realistic dildos” and find it.

#3 King Cock 9-inch Ejaculating Dildo with Balls

King Cock’s new 9-inch realistic-looking dildo has been created using high-quality materials and is made to last!

The King Cock Realistic Dildo is perfect for beginners or those who want something more than just a regular vibrator. This dildo will give you hours of pleasure as it provides intense vibrations and an incredible orgasmic feeling.


  • Insertable length: 7.25 inches
  • Circumference: 6.28 inches
  • Color: pink or brown
  • Material: PVC
  • Latex and Phthalates-free
king-cock 9-inch ejaculating dildo


  • It has an ejaculating feature
  • Semi realistic looking
  • Great for G-spot and P-spot stimulation


  • Need proper care when filling the spilling tube
  • Not super realistic
  • Not made of silicone

What I Think About It

King cock 9-inch ejaculating dildo is the best alternative to enhance a wonderful and natural penis feeling. It has a detailed vein network on the 9-inch shaft to reach or stimulate your G-spot and P-spot. The sophisticated features ensure that you get great value for your money when using it for your sexual satisfaction.

#4 King Cock Ultra Realistic 9 Inch – Best Vibrating Option

When looking for the best dildos to enhance your sexual experience, it’s a real deal. The dildo comes as a complete package having a powerful 9-inch cock, a full solid suction cup, and multiple vibrations.


  • Insertable length: 9 inches
  • Circumference: 7 inches
  • Vibration with multi-speeds
  • Material: soft plastic
  • Flexibility: Flexible
ultra realistic vibrating 9-inch-dildo


  • A huge realistic vibrating dildo
  • Including a suction cup base
  • Works with standard strap-on harnesses
  • Waterproof


  • The vibrator could be stronger

What I Think About It

Choosing the king cock ultra-realistic dildo will offer you the best potent and appropriate alternative to enhance your sexual pleasure completely.

Manufacturers design it with multiple multi-speed vibrations to provide you better control of the beast to provide the best feeling ever. Inserting the extra-large shaft offers the best and most amazing feeling you’d wish to have.

#5 Ray Diesel from Mr. Hankey’s Toys

The Ray Diesel is a giant cock that comes in various sizes, approximately five sizes. The sizes range from the smallest to the largest ones.

The manufacturers use appropriate materials to create this extra-wide man meat and rock-hard, offering the best natural bend. It comes in different sizes, designs, and colors to choose the appropriate one for your needs.


  • Insertable length: 8.6 inches
  • Flexibility: flexible or firm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Texture: skin details
ray diesel realistic dildo


  • Very realistic from a molded version of Ray Diesel
  • Available in several sizes
  • Works with the Vac-U-Lock system
  • High-quality materials and handmade


  • It’s fairly expensive
  • Does not work in standard O-ring

What I Think About It

It’s the best alternative when looking for the best dildo to offer you the best feeling. The dildo comes in different sizes and designs, allowing you to choose the best one that suits your needs. It’s an appropriate alternative to enhance an out-of-the-world feeling.

*The link below leads to MrHankey’s homepage, simply click shop dildos and click “Realistic dildos” and find it.

Are You Sure You Need 9-Inches?

I’ve covered this in many articles but it keeps popping up – Do you need 9 inches of insertable length?

Yes, all the dildo guides we make here at Aiclegal are measured by their insertable length. It’s generally a problem that manufacturers and sellers use different measurements when describing their dildos.

9-inches is a lot and most buyers are surprised by the size!

I’ve written a guide to the best 8-inch realistic dildos that you might like.

Do you already own huge dildos then you might even want to step it up and get a 10-inch realistic dildo.

My Final Thoughts About 9-Inch Realistic Dildos

There are not that many 9-inch realistic dildo options compared to the 8-inch options and even smaller ones. If you’re after the most realistic dildos then I would suggest taking a look at a slightly smaller dildo range.

But there are some decent options and some of them offer great value to quality ratio which I like. The Lifelike Lover series of dildos is always a great choice if you’re looking for great budget options.

Just make sure you need the 9 inches because it’s pretty freaking huge!

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