Best Realistic Horse Dildos

Finding a realistic horse dildo is not an easy task but there are some very nice options.

I’ve been working in the sex toy industry for the past 12 years and I’ve used my knowledge to create this guide to the most realistic horse dildos for your pleasure.

The realistic horse dildos are ranked according to their quality, realism, and price.

best realistic horse dildo

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What is the Best Realistic Horse Dildo?

#1 Snorkel – Best Premium Option

The Snorkel from Mr. Hankey’s Toys is my favorite horse dildo. It both looks and feels so good and it’s freaking huge!

It’s made from premium silicone and the details on the shaft and head are incredible. It’s handmade which makes it more customizable and you can select between to softness and 4 skin tones when you order it.


  • It looks and feels very realistic
  • You can get it in 4 skin-tones
  • Select between 2 firmness options
  • Works in strap-on harness


  • It’s only available in one size
  • It’s fairly expensive

What I Think About It

I freaking love dildos from Mr. Hankey’s Toys and the Snorkel is no exception. It’s simply amazing and well worth the relatively high cost, you’re simply getting a way higher quality dildo than from the other manufacturers.

The only downside is the size options which are limited to just one, but if you’re after a truly realistic horse dildo then the Snorkel is it!

I recommend the Snorkel if you’re after the most realistic horse dildo money can buy.

*The link below leads you to the front page of Mr. Hankey’s Toys – Simply click “Realistic Dildos” and find the Snorkel.

#2 Centaur

Yes, I know this is clearly not the most realistic-looking horse dildo but it freaking looks amazing and well worth a look at if you’re into horse dildos.

You can order it in 4 different sizes up to an insertable length of 14.75”. Both the shaft and the head have some incredibly realistic details.


  • Very realistic details
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • 2 different firmness options
  • 3 skin tones options


  • It’s not completely accurate shape
  • It’s fairly expensive

What I Think About It

In my mind, this Centaur dildo looks way more realistic than most horse dildos out there that even try to look like a real horse penis.

Of course, you get the high-quality materials and fine details that Mr. Hankey’s Toys are known for.

If you’re after the smallest realistic horse dildo then you have the option to go for the “Small” version which has an insertable length of “just” 9.75”.

*The link below leads you to the front page of Mr. Hankey’s Toys – Simply click “Fantasy Dildos” and find the Centaur.

#3 Fuck Muscle Black Beauty Horse Dildo

The Fuck Muscle is the perfect size for queens who want to take their sexual kinks to the next level. It’s designed to fulfill the most animalistic instincts. The intricate details and raised veins make the dildo feel incredible inside. You will enjoy up to 15-inches of insertable length.

Since the dildo replicates a real-life horse, it feels incredible inside and promises a fulfilling experience. The Fuck Muscle features PVC that delves deeper within. To ensure everything runs smoothly, you should use water-based lube. Of course, you get the right amount of rigidity and pliability.

black horse dildo


  • It features a high-quality material
  • Excellent design
  • It has a good size, shape, and girth
  • It follows the body’s natural contours


  • A bit wide for beginners
  • Not that many details

What I Think About It

I love the Fuck Muscle Horse dildo. The suction cup and the length feel great. After several days of playing with it, I feel addicted.

#4 Animhole Horse Dildo

The Animhole gives 14 inches of insertable length – the widest diameter is 3.15 inches. One thing that makes this dildo unique is that it glides effortlessly. And because it’s bigger than the average hose dildo, it pleases sensitive areas on your favorite hole.

If you want to play with your pal, the bulging sack allows for maneuverability. Keep in mind that, this is one of the best realistic horse dildos that follows the natural contours of the body.

For your safety in mind, this dildo is intricately constructed with high-quality phthalates-free vinyl. It’s water-based and 100% waterproof.


  • Dual-density firmness
  • Gives a good pop and stretch
  • It’s perfect for depth play


  • This horse is not for novice riders
  • It lacks from details

What I Think About It

This is clearly not for any type of beginner and is aimed at stretching you to your maximum capacity. It does lack a lot of realistic dildos but it’s still worth the money in my opinion.

#5 Platinum Silicone Horse dildo

This horse dildo allows for targeted stimulation on the G-spot. It gives up to 7.67″ of insertable length and gives a comfortable fit. Unlike other comparable products, this toy is phthalates-free and works with water-based lubricants.

The monstrous girthy width will take you to new climatic heights and give satisfying penetrations. The round head will not only feel natural but also take care of the business internally.

Since the toy is very girthy, it can take new anal users to new places. Depending on your needs, you can choose green-black, red-black, and white-blue colors.


  • It’s phthalate-free
  • The tip allows for easy insertion
  • Excellent shape
  • It comes in different colors
  • It’s very cheap


  • The colors are clearly not aimed at being realistic
  • Quality is way below Mr. Hankey’s Toys

What I Think About It

This is a great beginner horse dildo if you can live with the colors which are clearly not meant to be realistic. The shape and details on the shaft do resemble that of a real horse penis.

What are Some of the Features that Make it Look Realistic?

Some of the realistic horse dildos on the list above do not look that realistic but they might feel realistic. Let’s see some of the features on a dildo that make it realistic.

  • Details – If you look closely at a penis or any other body part for that matter, you’ll see a lot of details that make it look real. It’s the same with horse dildos, they need details to stand out and yes you do feel it when it’s pounding your insides.
  • Veins – Another extremely important detail is the veins that cover the shaft of a normal horse penis.
  • Shape – A horse penis is shaped quite a bit differently from a human penis and the horse dildo needs to resemble a horse penis’s shape as much as possible.
  • Color – A natural skin tone color is preferred but they come in a lot of skin tones just like their human counterpart. Some of the realistic horse dildos on the list do not have true color but they tick all the other boxes when it comes to realism. To be fair, there aren’t that many great options which is why they have made the best list.


Answer: A realistic horse dildo is very big and you’ll need a whole lot of lube to cover the dildo and you inside. You should always go for water-based lubrication to avoid any damage to the dildos.

Answer: You can only use the ones from Mr. Hankey’s Toys and only if you choose the “Attachment Hole” option. You will need a heavy-duty strap-on harness to accommodate your needs due to the size.

You can get special strap-on harnesses from Mr. Hankey’s Toys which is highly recommended if you plan on any strap-on action.

Answer: No, not really, it would not be realistic if it only were like 6” long. The “smallest” realistic horse dildo is the Centaur dildo that comes in at just shy of 10” of insertable length.

Answer: Yes, all the realistic horse dildos on the best list above does have a suction cup or can be added when you order it. This is also the most common way of using large dildos like horse dildos.

Answer: Yes, there are lots of realistic dildos but not that many horse options. If you wish to have a look at some super realistic dildos then I would suggest you take a look at out list of the best most realistic dildos.

My Final Thoughts About Realistic Horse Dildos

I have to be honest, there were not that many great horse dildo options especially realistic looking ones. There is however a constant production of new sex toys and it’s just a matter of time before we’ll get another great one.

But the ones from Mr. Hankey’s Toys are really good and have a ton of details that make them stand out from the remaining dildos.

They are more expensive but you’re getting a quality dildo in the best possible material!  

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