5 Best Beginner Butt Plugs Tested and Reviewed

Small butt plugs are very popular sex toys. They come in a wide range of different types and styles, so whatever your desire is, you can easily find one that suits you.

The small butt plugs are for everyone. If you are new to this type of fun, the small size is a great way to test the waters. If you enjoy anal stimulation a small butt plug is still a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.

In this review, I will show you some of the best small anal plugs for beginners.

best small butt plugs for beginners

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#1 Rear Assets Small Jewelled Rose Gold Metal Butt Plug

My personal favorite is this beautiful Jewelled rose gold butt plug. The small butt plug is made from metal, and you can dip it in cold or hot water before use, to give the experience an extra dimension. The shape is smooth, and the base ensures that it stays in place.

The plug measures 2 inches of insertable length.

The Rear Assets anal plug is the perfect present for your special someone.


  • Comfortable size for beginners
  • Beautifully crafted butt plug
  • Easy to insert
  • Sensitive to temperature


  • I had to think hard to come up with a con for this product. However, as it is made from metal, it is hard, and some may prefer a softer material.

My Personal Thoughts

I love this little gem. The feel is so smooth and the gem is very pretty, I’m sure that most girls would love this toy. Just apply a good amount of lube and you are good to go.

For a little more fun try cooling it down before use, the cold will get all your senses tingling.

#2 Silicone Anal Plug Kit

This anal plug kit gives you silicone butt plugs in three different sizes. The kit is perfect for beginners, as you can take your time getting to know what size gives you the most intense orgasms.

The silicone butt plug is comfortable to use as it is flexible and has a soft surface. Choose between blue or black.

The anal plug kit is also perfect for solo adventures, as it has a suction cup and leaves your hands free for other things.

pink bob small anal plug kit


  • Perfect for all levels of experience, thanks to the three different sizes.
  • The material is hypoallergenic
  • Nice soft surface and wonderful to use
  • Good wide base with a suction cup


  • You must be thorough when attaching it with the suction sup, otherwise, it may fall off.

My Personal Thoughts

This set is perfect for beginners, as well as experienced users. The plugs are very pleasant to touch, and the suction cup provides you with more options on how to use it. It is suitable for both solo play as well as with a partner.

The anal plugs are shaped perfectly for a pleasant penetration, just remember plenty of water-based lube.

#3 Nexus Ace – Best Remote-controlled Option

This vibration butt plug is guaranteed to give you mind-blowing orgasms! The plug is in a beginner-friendly size with the perfect form for pleasureful penetration. The rippled base provides extra stimulation both inside and out.

The Nexus Ace is very quiet and discrete. The remote control has an 8-meter range and you can choose from six different settings, and find what feels best for you.

nexus ace small vibrating butt plug


  • Luxurious feel and great quality
  • Six different settings to choose from and very powerful for its size
  • 80 minutes run time ensures you won’t run out of juice
  • Extra quiet for more privacy
  • Well-suited for both girls and guys


  • It is a bit pricy
  • Some can find the ribs a bit painful when removing it, make sure you still are lubed up!
  • It can be a bit difficult to charge

My Personal Thoughts

This little guy will take your orgasms to the next level. The different settings are great for intensifying the sensation and can be used with your partner to take you straight to the edge. It is great that it has a remote control, so you don’t have to fiddle with a remote sticking out of the end.

The price can seem a little steep, but you are buying a quality toy and you will not regret it. I promise.

#4 Lovehoney Heart Glass – Best Glass Option

The Lovehoney small Heart Glass Butt Plug is super cute when inserted. It is a small butt plug, perfect for beginners as well as experienced users. The plug is comfortable to use, just remember to warm up and use plenty of lube.

The glass plug measures 3 inches and gives you a firm filling sensation. Try cooling or heating the plug for extra pleasure.


  • Super cute design
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Hypoallergenic and safe to use with all types of lubes
  • Very easy to insert


  • Some might not like the firm sensation

My Personal Thoughts

This is a very cute little plug that gives a nice, filled feeling. This is the perfect toy for people who are new to anal play, so if you are contemplating giving it a go, this would be the perfect choice for you.

You can find a wide range of glass butt plugs, so if the heart is a little too cute for your taste, there are many other possibilities.

Update: Sold out

# 5 DOMINIX Deluxe Stainless Steel Small Faux Silver Fox Tail Butt Plug

This cute foxtail butt plug is ideal for you who enjoy a little roll-playing fun. The fury tail has a 2.5-inch insertable length, a girth of 3.5 inches, and a weight of 3.3oz, making it perfect for fox-newbies.

Bring out the animal in your partner with this fluffy toy.

small fox tail butt plug


  • Comfortable size for newbies
  • Cute ass hell and ohh so soft
  • Very easy to insert
  • Great price


  • Hair sheds a bit
  • Difficult to clean
  • Tail isn’t adjustable
  • The quality could be better

My Personal Thoughts

This cute tail is perfect to get started on fox adventures or just to spice things up a bit.  

The small fox tail butt plug is easy to insert using a good amount of lube. The firm sensation will make you come faster and harder than ever before.

My Final Thoughts About Beginner Butt Plugs

Small butt plugs are wonderful toys to get you started with anal play. They come in a wide variety of materials and shapes, so it is just up to you to pick your favorite.

The small plugs are usually not that expensive, so if you don’t like the first one you pick, try another material or size.

I highly recommend giving butt play a chance, as it truly gives your orgasms a new and more intense sensation.

If you’re ready to move to the next size bracket then head over to our list of the best butt plugs and find one with a little more girth and length.

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