How to Make Your Own Penis Pump

Have you ever thought about building your own homemade penis pump?

The feeling of being caught by a friend in an adult sex toy shop when buying a penis pump or other sex toys often makes them think twice about it.

Penis pumps can be bought online, but the good ones are very pricey and you might end up getting scammed if you’re not careful.

But there is good news for the handyman

In a normal hardware store, you will find everything needed to build a penis pump yourself, a clear cylinder, a small vacuum pump, seals and glue. The self-built vacuum pump works on the same principle as all other pumps.

Let’s take a look at two different options for a homemade ultra-budget pump and a bit more pricey one.

How to Make an Ultra-Budget Penis Pump:

If you are ashamed to ask one of these devices to your nearest supplier or you’re short of money, do not worry! Here I will show you how to make one at home without spending a lot, no one will know what you are making.

What you need:

  • Empty plastic bottle (the size depends on the size of your penis), make sure it’s made of food-grade plastic. Any soft drinks/water bottles are okay.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a hose and reverse function
  • A cutting tool
  • Cotton or gauze pads
  • Insulation tape

diy penis pump parts

The steps to follow in making the homemade penis pump to increase the penis would be:

  1. Thoroughly clean the bottle and cut off the bottom of the bottle with scissors, a knife, or a saw. It is necessary to cut the base of the bottle first before the top, and then make sure that the cut is the same on all sides. This is very important and will help to improve the suction of the pump.
    homemade penis pump step 1
  2. Then place the vacuum hose at the top of the bottle, checking to see if it fits the cap properly. The hose will give you suction power, this is an important step. You may have to cut the top of the bottle if the hose does not fit, making sure that your penis completely fits the bottle when it is erect.
    homemade penis pump step 2
    homemade penis pump step 3
    homemade penis pump step 4
  3. Tape and cotton should be used to line the bottle as a protector. The baseline of the bottle should be completely covered with cotton or gauze pads.
    homemade penis pump step 5
    homemade penis pump step 6
    homemade penis pump step 7
  4. One of the most important steps is the creation of the vacuum, which will act as a pump. If the tube is too large for the bottle to open, what you need to close the gap is tape. The goal is to create a vacuum seal inside the bottle that will push the blood to the tip of the penis and keep it erect.
  5. And you’d be ready to test your own homemade penis vacuum pump.
    Now you can put the bottle over your penis. If you now take the end of the hose into your mouth and suck it, a vacuum is created in the bottle – if everything is properly sealed.

final diy penis pump

If you want to build a more durable penis pump that you can use more than once, it’s worth using slightly better materials. Glass, for example, is more hygienic, and sealing with silicone ensures that you can clean your penis pump thoroughly after use.

The construction effort is a little bit more because the silicone has to harden before you can use the pump, but it is worth the effort.

The second option is a bit more expensive

What you need:

  • A glass, which is sufficient both in the circumference and in the length. A sausage glass, for example, is a good choice!
  • Glass drill
  • Rubber hose
  • Silicone
  • Cuff
  • To generate the process electrically, you also need an electric pump. You can also create the vacuum yourself with your mouth. But make sure that the hose is long enough. That is it!
  1. Clean all utensils before the start of construction, because hygiene is very important with the pump.
  2. First, use the glass drill and carefully drill a small hole in the bottom of the glass through which the cuff is pushed. Be careful not to cut yourself.
  3. Push the rubber tube through the cuff and seal it with silicone. With the help of the silicone, you can also easily adjust the opening of the glass to your size!

That’s it already and it doesn’t need much more. But remember to also seal any sharp edges with silicone. If you want to use an electric pump, simply plug it into the end of the hose.

Safety advice

Please note that the use of a penis pump can have side effects. Especially with self-made pumps, the vacuum generated can be so large that tissue damage to the penis can occur. Also for hygienic reasons, self-construction is always associated with certain risks.

Is It Recommended To Make Your Own Home Pump For Penis Enlargement?

Definitely not. The risks outweigh the benefits. You can indeed save money, but you must think that this is about your health and specifically your penis, one of the most sensitive areas in a man’s body.

When manufactured by a non-expert, the homemade pump can have really dangerous faults such as badly cut parts in the plastic bottle protruding sharply towards the sensitive areas, it may be the case that these parts are not completely covered by the cotton or tape, causing wounds at the time of use, or that the tape is badly placed and adheres to the skin, being very painful to peel off.

It can happen that not knowing how to use this experiment causes damage to the penis, which will manifest in a purple color of the area or small red spots in the area.

Therefore, if the invention has not worked, you can always resort to buying a vacuum pump to increase your penis, safer and with guarantees.

Get the Performance VX101 if you’re on a tight budget.

performance vx101

The Performance VX101 will get you so much more than anything you can make at home and guess what?

It can be yours for under $25!

You can use it if your penis is 2-inches and up to 8-inches.

It even comes with a cock ring to help you stay hard when you’re done using it.

It’s sold by Tootimid which I’ve used a lot before and never had a problem with.

Advantages Of Using Professional Vacuum Pumps

The process of penis enlargement by means of a vacuum pump must be treated with delicacy, giving priority to the safety of the physicist and personal health over money that the methods used may cost.

It is a process that does not obtain immediate results, so we need patience and perseverance if we want to reach the desired size.

The different models of the devices are tested before so that in their use, they are completely safe if they are used correctly.

Typically, they come with instructions for use to prevent misuse of the product and facilitate the customer experience.

If you still have doubts about this or other methods of penis enlargement, you can visit this link for everything you need to know about penis enlargement.

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  1. I love the penis pump , for my self it is sweet, and really gets me off , and for my boyfriend , it work also ,smart thinking, ????????

  2. what is the pump that is used in the picture. That looks like a real nice way to get the suction. And is this. a really legitimate way to increase penis size and by how much?

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking if it was that big he wouldn’t need a pump or be bragging lol. A lion doesn’t come up when you say hey I’m a lion it just eats you.

  3. Hi Charley thanks for the guide
    This is my first homemade penis pump that I’ve build and I’m quite happy with the result. I used a thick plastic bottle so I could get a stronger vacuum before the sides of the bottle started to bend inwards.

    1. Is there DIY info for doing this ? I’ve always thought about converting a breast milk pump into a cock sucker

  4. just find a glass jar big enough for your cock. Many out there (salsa jar for example) the pick up about 2 feet of clear plastic fish-tank tubing. soap up your cock, stick it in the jar – put the tubbing in the jar and suck the air out with your mouth. You will need to pinch some skin around the tube to keep it from leaking until your penis skin fills all perimeter gaps. make the vacuum as stong as you can handle and quickly pull the tube out. Wa-La, you now have a pumped/ sealed/ vacuum jar on your dick. ( this has stayed on and tight sometimes up to an hour without inserting the tube for more vacuum or to release ). PS – using a smaller jar, you can do the samething with just your balls.

  5. I myself..made one from a piece of pvc pipe approx 14″ long with a pvc cap on one end .
    On the capped
    end was a small hole drilled with a piece of automotive vaccum line 12″ long inserted in approx 1/4″ and glued with silicone the other end of hose had a hand squeezed vaccum pump it had a push button on the gun for a quick air release. .The open end had a piece bicycle tube stretched over opening approx 5″ long. 4″ of it in the tube 1″ on the outside stretched. I used some creamy hand lotion inside the rubber tube and some on my penis plenty of lube.

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