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Review summary:

The Kiiroo KEON is a device that will turn your FeelStar or Fleshlight manual strokers into a smart automatic masturbator.

Just connect it to your phone and watch some porno on it and it will follow the rhythm of the porno to make it feel like you’re in it.

Or use it as a long-distance relationship sex toy and let your sex partner control the speed and intensity.

How does the Kiiroo Keon work

This is what you get:

  • Automate your masturbation
  • The ability to emerge yourself completely in porn
  • Enjoy hands-free masturbation
  • Easy to control and operate
  • Works with Virtual Reality

I recommend the Kiiroo KEON if you want to enjoy hands-free masturbation

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It’s a lot easier to be alone and enjoy a single lifestyle and still get plenty of sex or sexual stimulation from products like the Kiiroo KEON.

The Kiiroo Keon is one of the most intuitive sex toys for males that you will ever find.

It gardened plenty of praise from users worldwide and this proves that the device is something that you can’t afford to miss out on. Kiiroo Keon is the most satisfying and reliable interactive automated masturbator for men.

In this Kiiroo Keon review, you get to know everything about this wonderful device.

kiiroo keon with stroker

What is Kiiroo Keon?

Manufactured by one of the pioneers in the sex toy industry, Kiiroo has come a long way to satisfy the needs of people by developing innovative products that promise to deliver lots of pleasure to your sexual life.

And, Kiiroo Keon is one of their popular toys that has gained a lot of traction in recent times.

In short, Kiiroo Keon is probably the best masturbator for men in the industry. It produces the most realistic strokes that you can’t feel on most similar devices. However, it’s a big toy and weighs slightly over 4 pounds. You need to keep the large compartment stable to derive ultimate pleasure.

How does Kiiroo Keon feel and look?

There is no question that the Kiiroo Keon is sleek and compact compared to other Fleshlight devices that you find on the market.

However, it looks like a coffee maker machine, only small in size. It is not worthy to fall trap to the size. Rather, you should think about how long you can hold the thing.

In reality, holding the Kiiroo Keon for an extended period won’t give pain to your hands. It is the most comfortable item that you can ever find. Although at first sight, you may think that it is a bit bulky. In reality, it is just the opposite. It gives you comfort while operating on it.

You can find a tiny button, the charging port, and the power button. Moreover, this machine has grooves on both sides. You can access the control buttons while keeping the device in a stable position. There are ridges on both sides that allow your thumbs to grab naturally to the device.

On the bottom part, you can find a surface that’s made of smooth, firm silicone material. Also, it makes the device mount on your pubis with ease and comfort. The design is very uncommon to what you see usually on the bottom of other Fleshlight models.

However, dirt, dust, and lube can stick and make the silicone material dirty to use. But this isn’t an issue because you can clean the toy with a damp cloth or some kind of antibacterial wipe. Inserting the stroker is easy and takes less effort.

So, whether you insert it on top or through the bottom, you can feel sheer pleasure.

After you place the device on your shaft, the stroker remains in one place without slipping or moving around. Even when the machine is at high speed, it stays in place. And, the stroker goes up and down smoothly. It won’t jump right out of your hand.

How to use Kiiroo Keon:

Before using the Kiiroo Keon, make sure that the device has a complete 4-hour charge. The blinking red LED light means that the device is charging and the steady green light means that it is fully charged. Also, it means the device is ready for action!

Next, attach the stroker inside the Keon properly from the bottom. Turn it counterclockwise until a “click” sound comes through. Finally, apply some lube on its sleeve and your shaft. Kiiroo Keon has two modes, and they are explained below.

how to use the kiiroo keon

Manual mode – Gently push the mode button for about 2 seconds and wait until the light turns white. What’s interesting about the manual mode is that you can control the stroke speed and length. You will find 4 LED lights and 2 buttons on both sides of the device.

When you press either “+” or “-” buttons on the right side, it allows you to control the stroke speed. You can find 8 different speed settings. The 4 LED light indicators represent two shades each.

And, if you press either “+” or”-” buttons on the left side, it lets you control the stroke length. Again, 4 LED lights correspond to the 4 light indicators. Pressing the power button once will make the machine go into pause mode. And, the LED will turn purple.

To resume, press the power button again. The lights will turn white. In manual mode, you need to press the down and up buttons to get full control of how you want your masturbator to perform. Because of these controls, manual mode is favored by most people.

Kiiroo keon online use

Interactive mode – It is the default mode that gets activated once you turn on the power button of the machine by holding it for about 3 seconds. And, the blinking blue LED light means the device is ready for pairing with a Bluetooth device.

For that, you have to activate your phone’s Bluetooth and open the FeelConnect 3.0 app on your phone to get the connection. After a successful pairing, the blue LED light becomes steady. Then you can do the following:

  • Manually control the stroker through the app
  • Have your partner control the strokes from a distance while you are on a video call or chatting
  • Or, you can synchronize it with interactive VR/2D adult content

Controlling the machine with the app is far easier and it is loaded with user-friendly settings that anyone can understand. However, if you are still confused about this innovative feature, don’t worry. The app is developed in a way to provides you with the best experience. All you need to do is follow the instructions specifically made for each feature.

Ease of cleaning, durability, and maintenance:

When it comes to cleaning the machine, it is very easy. Removing the dirt and grime off your Real Feel sleeve is similar to cleaning a regular Fleshlight sleeve. But the biggest hurdle comes while drying it. After washing it, you have to hang it somewhere that has plenty of air circulation.

That way, it will take less time to dry properly. You can use a hanger to dry the sleeve. Moreover, rinsing it with a dry towel before hanging could make the drying process even fast. While it will take a lot of time to clean, but hygiene comes first.

All the products from Kiiroo are built to last for many years. And, the Kiiroo Keon is not an exception. The stroker looks durable. You can feel the durability while holding it in your hands. Moreover, the company provides you with a 1-year warranty on the machine.

Keep in mind never to put the plastic parts near water. That’s because, they have electronic components and if water enters, it can cause the machine to malfunction or even dead. You can keep the machine clean by wiping it with towels. And, store the device in a clean space when you don’t use it.

Does Kiiroo Keon work with Fleshlight sleeves?

Indeed, Kiiroo isn’t working as a partner with Fleshlight. The company has developed its sleeves. That way, it left many users with the valid question that whether or not the Keon is compatible with Fleshlight sleeves.

If you are one of them, you will be delighted to know that Fleshlight sleeves are compatible with Keon. If you look at the casing of Kiiroo Keon, it seems like a small one. But the normal Fleshlight sleeves will fit into them with ease.

However, you have to press it hard while using the machine. But the stoke will only intensify the moment and you will love it. Moreover, if you compare the Fleshlight sleeves with the original Keon sleeve, you won’t find much difference.

The bottom line is that if you have a lot of Fleshlight sleeves and want to modify the sensation of the original Keon’s sleeve, you can change it with the sleeves you already have. You won’t regret it.

Can anyone use the Kiiroo Keon?

Yes, Kiiroo Keon works with any penis size. And, anyone who is using a Fleshlight can use Kiiroo Keon without difficulties. Moreover, the strokes can adapt to any length from 0 to 22 cm. Even if you are a big guy, you don’t have to worry about the functionality of the machine.

You can find my list of the best Fleshlights or have a look at some of the FeelStar strokers that I’ve tested and reviewed in the past.

To make things work for anyone, the end of the stroker is open. It means, even if your shaft has exceeded the length of the sleeve, it won’t touch or hurt anything inside. Keon is the best adult toy for all men regardless of having a big penis size. And, this proves that anyone can use the stroker comfortably.

Does it work as a blowjob sex toy?

Yes, you can use it for both anal, vagina, and oral strokers, so you can turn it into one mean blowjob machine if you wish to do that.

You can read more about the best blowjob machines if you like that style of masturbation.

My final thoughts about the Kiiroo Keon

If you are into sex toys, you should have Kiiroo Keon. Kiiroo never fails to create intuitive products and is always better compared to its competitors. It is one of the best and most advanced male masturbators available on the market.

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