Maitland Ward Fleshlight Review 2022

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The Maitland Ward Fleshlight is a really good pocket pussy that does what it’s supposed to do – Give you amazing orgasms!

The quality of this product is outstanding and you will not be disappointed when you feel the amazing sensation when you put your hard penis in it.

maitland ward fleshlight review

Why you should buy it:

  • Get amazing orgasms
  • Very good quality
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Amazingly realistic feel

I recommend the Maitland Ward Fleshlight

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Table of Contents

Who is Maitland Ward?

Maitland Ward is a popular adult movie actress who also played a popular role in the sitcom Boy Meets World’.

maitland ward

Her pornographic career started in the year 2013 and she has also done some movies with Brazzers. She won some awards for:

  • Best three-way sex scene in 2020
  • Best favorite Camming Cosplayer in 2020
  • Best actress in Drive in 2019

She is a redhead blue-eyed beauty and has been a part of different adult movies with some high-end XXX websites.

Here are some of the stats about Maitland Ward:

  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches
  • Weight: 135 lbs.
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Bra size: 34 DD

How does the feel to use it?

The Fleshlight of Maitland Ward is available in two versions – Lady (vagina) and Butt (anal).

Both if them will feel heavenly with the amazing texture. The entry to the lady sleeves goes through two sections of immense pleasure before you finally hit the tight disc of delight.

The chamber consists of tantalizing ridges that can give you a great pleasure and two areas of massage beads for intensifying the stimulation.

The pussy version

maitland ward fleshlight pussy

The first part is lined with triangular shaped fins that run quite a long giving your sensitive part a nice pleasure.

his part will squeeze the base of your penis tightly which will make you feel almost at the edge of climax but for a longer time with delayed orgasm.

The third chamber provides throbbing effect with saw blade texture and the final one give the best realistic feel.

The anal version

maitland ward fleshlight anal

The same goes for the anal version which is a long tube full of small beads on the wall giving you an immense pleasure and a tight feeling throughout. In this Maitland Ward Fleshlight review, we will suggest you to use a lot of lube to increase the pleasure and suction power of the sleeves.

You can experiment with water-based lube to get a better pleasure and easy maneuvering.

How do I clean it?

The Fleshlight sleeves are quite easy to clean and the Maitland Ward Fleshlight is no exception.

You can easily clean the sleeves by removing it from the case first.

Then you can rinse it in warm water from both the ends using a mild anti-bacterial soap.

This will help to clean the sleeves and keep it clean as well as free from bacteria all the time.

Get the Maitland Ward Fleshlight in both versions

As mentioned above, the Fleshlight of Maitland Ward is available in both versions – anal and pussy (vagina). The inner tubes of both the product are 8 inches long with some great texture to have immense pleasure and unlimited fun.

Anal Fleshlight: The butt Fleshlight of Maitland Ward is full of some crazy texture that can create a rollercoaster of feelings.

The entire anal sleeve is covered with stimulating beads and rows of bumps that can provide intense pleasure. This stimulation can be quite effective for you to give you a happy ending.

Vagina Fleshlight: The vaginal Fleshlight of Maitland Ward is divided into 4 chambers.

The first chamber has some triangular shaped fins to give you great sensation while the second chamber wall is full of coins buried into it providing sensational effect.

The third part of the chamber has an edgy texture which quite resembles the blade of the saw but it is soft and will not cut you.

This portion can give you a throbbing and pulsating effect to enhance the pleasure and stimulation. The fourth and the final chamber will feel a lot realistic with some thick ribs lined on the wall.

Should you be buying it?

If you are looking for a good male sex toy for your solo pleasure, then this is a really good choice.

Of course, you are here because you like Maitland Ward and you do fantasize about her for your pleasure. While doing the same, do you want to feel her?

Well, that is one of the biggest fantasies of many guys out there. If you too are one of them, surely you know what to do!

This Maitland Ward Fleshlight can provide you with immense pleasure with extreme sensation.

As the chamber is full of different texture, you can surely get a mixed pleasure and stimulation resulting in the best outcome.

I’ve made a list of the best fleshlights that you can read here.

I recommend the Maitland Ward Fleshlight

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