Nikki Delano Fleshlight review 2022

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Review Summary:

The Nikki Delano is the latest girl to join the Fleshlight girls and I’m very happy about that!

We all know that Fleshlights products are made from top quality materiels and this one is no different.

Nikki Delano pussy Fleshlight


  • Avaliable in both pussy and anal versions
  • 9 inch long of pure pleasure
  • Easy to clean and small enough to hide in a drawer

I recommend Nikki Delano Fleshlight

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Table of Contents

Who is Nikki Delano?

Nikki Delano began her career in adult movies at Brazzers in 2011 and has won a wide range of adult awards over the years including:

  • Best Latin Performer 2012
  • Best ass (Editor’s choice) 2013
  • NightMoves Best butt Award 2014
  • NightMoves Best adult film star feature dancer 2015

This should be enough to get every man excited!

Nikki Delano Fleshlight review

Her stats:

  • 5’1” (155cm)
  • 108 lbs. (49kg)
  • Bra size 34DD

Enough about the stats, let’s take a look at the Fleshlight

How does it feel?

Let’s get right to the most important point of this review – How does the Nikki Delano Fleshlight feels?


In fact, really good!

The entrance on both the pussy and anal version is tight and it has a wide range of different textures along the innertube which makes the experience very exciting and new.

You will not be bored with this design like some of the older versions of Fleshlights wich I’ve tested in the past. You can read more about other Fleshlight here.

Use plenty of lube

It’s important to use lube to get the full experience since the lube will increase the suction power of the sleeve. You can experiment with different brand and amounts but always remember to only use water-based lube.

You can find awesome lube on


Fleshlight has a wide range of lubrication products that you recommend you to take a look at.

It’s not going to the bathroom and cleaning itself just like the last girl I has sex with – What do I do now?

Is it easy to clean?

This Fleshlight sleeve is easy to clean compared to some other Fleshlights that has a much more complex texture pattern.

All you need to do is:

  1. Remove sleeve from the case
  2. Rinse with warm water from both ends and use some anti-bacterial soap.
  3. Dry the Fleshlight and finish it off with a small layer of renewing powder.

Note: Both the anti-bacterial soap and renewal powder can be bought at and they have great deals on bundles with the Fleshlight.

Get the Nikko Delano Fleshlight in both an anal and a pussy version.

The 2 different versions have a completely different feel to them, as they should have.

The innertubes of both products is 9 inches long (23 cm.) so there is plenty of space to have fun.

Anal texture

Nikki Delano anal fleshlight

The inner texture of the anal version has 3 narrow areas that opens up behind each narrow area. This is great for creating suction and you will likely not last as long with the anal version.

Pussy texture

Nikki Delano pussy Fleshlight

The inner texture of the pussy version has a lot of things going on and it makes the experience more interesting.

I personally like the pussy version the best, but that’s just my opinion.

Do you want some extra pleasure

Why not pair up your Fleshlight with a cock ring? This is a great way to increase the time you can enjoy with Nikki Delano.

I’ve made a list of the best cock rings here, there are both none- and vibrating cock rings that you can pick from. I personally love things to shake up a bit 😉

Why should I buy from

There are a lot of reasons why you should buy your Fleshlights and accessories from the official website at – Let’s take a look at some of them here:

  • Discreet billing and worldwide shipping
  • Avoid fake Fleshlights that are made from unhealthy materials
  • Better customer service (They know their products better than anybody else)
  • They have all models!

Note: one minor problem with is that you can’t enter the “shopping checkout” if you have an adblocker enabled, which sucks… Just disable it or allow ads on the site (there are none, they are just seen as ads by the blocker).

My final thoughts about the Nikki Delano Fleshlight

Nikki Delano is the latest pornstar to join the Fleshlight girls and we are happy that she did.

I had an amazing time testing it and getting to know her a little deeper 😉

If you’re looking for a pocket pussy and want the best quality that money can buy, then this is the perfect product for you.

I recommend Nikki Delano Fleshlight

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