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Review Summary:

The Riley Reid Fleshlight is a great way for you to experience having sex with one of the highest-rated porn stars of all time.

You can get it in two versions which both have been molded after Riley Reid’s vagina and anus entrance.

The Quality is high, and it will last you a long happy time if you take good care of it.

Riley Reid Fleshlight in my hand


What I like about it:

  • It feels like penetrating a real vagina when I use it
  • It’s fairly easy to clean and keep in good shape
  • The realism of the molding is good and looks freaking amazing
  • It works with all Fleshlight accessories

I personally love it and would recommend the Riley Reid Fleshlight to all men who have a fantasy about her.

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Still not sure if it’s something for you? Read my full review below.

My Full Review of the Riley Reid Fleshlight (s)

If you have never fantasized about hooking up with a pornstar, you should stop reading this Riley Reid Fleshlight review immediately!

Now that’s almost as useful as the age-check warnings we’ve all seen while browsing porn sites. Because guess what? If you’ve found your way here, you sure are looking to experience what some steamy sex with a pornstar would feel like.

Riley Reid Porn Star with Fleshlight

And not just any pornstar, but the legend-wait-for-it-dary Riley Reid! Hailing from the Sunshine State of Florida, this 28-year-old, petite bombshell has been in the porn industry for nearly a decade.

Yes, she started when she was just 19 and has appeared in more than 300 movies. Actually, “appeared” is an understatement – she’s been the reason for many nut-busting ejaculations, on and off the camera.

Riley Reids porn awards

But let’s not make this sound like a biography of Riley Reid (though we wouldn’t mind a pictorial version). You’re here to know more about her Fleshlight sleeves and whether you should be buying them.

So, let’s quit the foreplay and get to the good stuff…

Riley Reid Utopia Sleeve (Vagina)

Utopia! Riley Reid’s pussy Fleshlight couldn’t have had a more appropriate name. Cause that’s exactly what it will make you feel – like everything is perfect. No wonder it is one of the bestselling sleeves that Fleshlight has to offer today!

After using it for a couple of months, we can say without a doubt that this vaginal orifice Fleshlight is one of the most intense sex toys you can find today.

Let’s look at some essential aspects of this Fleshlight to understand what makes it so ah-mazing!

Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight

How does the Utopia Sleeve Feel?

Fucking amazing! Yep, it’s that simple and all you need to know but it also depends on your penis size so let’s go over the different parts of the Utopia sleeve.

The Utopia sleeve (vagina):

  • It has four distinct chambers, each tighter than the previous
  • The first chamber measures only an inch and consists of three cross-ribs
  • The second, 2.5-inch chamber has tiny spikes in four rings
  • The third chamber is 4 inches long and consists of spiraling ribs along the walls
  • The fourth and final chamber is lined with dense ribs

This does mean that it might feel a little loose if your penis is around 3-4 inches (7.5-10cm.) in length. You’ll get the full experience if you’re longer than that or if your penis is a lot thicker than average.

suction control

I personally love the little pop at the beginning which does feel like penetrating a real vagina. The rest of the sleeve is fairly stimulating without any crazy overstimulation going on.

I find it quite easy to last long in it, but I cum as soon as I tighten the end cap which creates maximum suction and tightness.

Overall, one of the best pocket pussies that I’ve ever tried and I’m sure you’re going to love it as well.

Let’s have a look at the anus version called the Euphoria sleeve.

Riley Reid Euphoria Anal Fleshlight

When I referred to Riley Reid as petite in the intro of this review, by no means were I talking about her peachy butt! Although she would look tiny standing next to some of the busty pornstars with monster curves, her 36-inch ass is more than enough for one and all.

So, if you’re fonder of going in through the backdoor, you will be pleased to know that her Euphoria Fleshlight sleeve is an accurate replica of her tight butthole.

Sounds too good to be true. Read on to know why it is one of the most realistic anal orifices masturbators out there.

riley reid anal fleshlight

How Does the Euphoria Sleeve Feel?

Anal sex should feel special and so does the Riley Reid anal Fleshlight. The internal texture is shallow and soft which I enjoy quite a lot. It does have a few tight spots along the way but the overall feel is very natural and soft.

I personally found the first penetration good because it sorts of expands the sleeve material, a bit like real anal sex which becomes looser and looser. This expansion of the sleeve does retract once you clean it and store it away.

The Euphoria (anus) sleeve:

  • The entrance is as tight as 0.4-inch
  • Three identical chambers (2.7 inches long), each tighter than the previous one
  • Wide opening, constricted center, and wide ending in each chamber
  • Small square bumps and ribs line the walls for an array of stimulation points
  • Unlike other anal Fleshlights, it does not have spiraling columns

The Euphoria Fleshlight is perfect for you if you have never tried anal sex and want to experience it for the first time. It’s not the tightest anal sleeve out there, which makes it great if you’re a beginner and wish to practice your anal pleasure skills before the real deal.

Having said that, it’s tight enough to stimulate you to incredible orgasms and would be a good option if you have a very girthy penis.

What impressed me a lot was its unique texture and non-spiral chambers. It truly makes you feel like you are experiencing a mix of anal and oral penetration. Blowjob and anal in one? Talk about getting the best of both worlds!


  • Realistic Texture – The internal texture is meticulously designed to mimic a lifelike feeling, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Quality of Material – Made from high-quality materials that feel premium and are built to last, ensuring durability and a longer lifespan.
  • Discreet Packaging – Comes in a discreet and robust casing that ensures privacy and makes it easy to store inconspicuously.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Designed for straightforward cleaning and maintenance, which is crucial for hygiene and the longevity of the product.
  • Ergonomic Design – The Fleshlight is ergonomically designed for a natural grip and comfort during use, enhancing usability.
  • Variety in Texture – It has a huge range of sensations due to the varied textures inside, contributing to a more stimulating experience compared to similar products from competing brands.
  • Hardcase – The outer casing is sturdy and protective, ensuring that the internal material remains safe and intact over time. I have ruined quite a few pocket pussies because the internal material gets damaged due to the protective case.
  • Temperature Responsive – The material used is responsive to heat, allowing for an even more realistic and comfortable experience when prepared properly. I love it when it has been preheated in warm water which makes it feel so much better.
  • Adaptability – You can use it with various accessories and mounts for a more versatile and hands-free experience.


  • Suction control – You twist the bottom cap to increase or decrease the suction which is a little hard to fine-adjust.
  • Expensive – Yep, it’s pretty freaking expensive, I’m not going to lie. I know they pay the models a lot, but I still find it more expensive compared to similar products like the FeelStars from Kiiroo.
  • Drying – I find drying the Fleshlight sleeve afterward to be an annoying process because it takes so much time and it’s very hard to speed up the process.

Where Should I Buy it from?

The Riley Reid Fleshlight is one of the most popular Fleshlights of all time which makes it one of the easiest to find in your local sex toy store or online.

I normally do most of my adult toy shopping on sites like or I simply buy it directly from the producer if you allow that.

They rarely run discounts on Fleshlights, but you can get 15% off if you buy it during July which is when Riley has her birthday. It’s a special birthday promotion that they run and your only real option is to get it cheaper.

I would NEVER recommend buying from any third-party websites like Amazon or eBay because they have been known to sell counterfeits and reused products in new packaging….

You can buy it at or from the official website.

My Final Thoughts About the Riley Reid Fleshlights

It’s not hard to see why Riley Reid is so popular, but one thing is popularity in the real world, but does that translate into popularity of her Fleshlights?

Yes, it does! – You can sort the different Fleshlight Girls on according to “Best Sellers” and Riley is in top 3 most of the times (depending on what’s just been released).

So, I can with confidence say that I’m not the only one thinking that’s it’s an absolute necessity to own if you enjoy her adult content.

Now the only thing I need for a complete review would be a test of Riley Reid herself for the perfect comparison…. Anyone got any contacts??? 😉

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