Quick Extender Pro Test Results and Review 2024

I’ve been testing the Quick Extender Pro ( The world’s best-selling penis extender) for the last 6 months and measured my penis size for the last time during the test.

I’m finally ready to write my full Quick Extender Pro review based on my results and experience during the last 6 months.

I Got a 16% Longer Erect Penis

The erect penis length is the most important metric in the results table below and I managed to increase that number by 16% over the 6 months.

You can do the same, get started at quickextenderpro.com

I recommend quick extender pro

Quick Extender Pro results after 6 months:

My flaccid results are much greater than the erect results which is due to the way the Quick Extender Pro works. It relies on PTT (Penis traction therapy) which stretches your penis tissue over a long period and lets it heal and that process creates more tissue hence making your penis bigger.

Flaccid improvements are not useless

You might think that any flaccid penis size gains are completely useless and in some ways they are. However, I’ve found that they boost your confidence, which is a major bonus; you can see the extra size when wearing loose-fitting pants/shorts.

Overall, I’m happy with some pretty amazing results, and the best part is that they’re permanent.

Enjoy 20% off as long as it lasts:

The guys behind Quick Extender Pro have been kind enough to provide a discount code for their website at quickextenderpro.com – simply type “DEALDAY” when you order it to get 20% off.

Quick Extender Pro Instructions

I know it might sound obvious but please get familiar with your Quick Extender Pro or whatever penis extender you decide to buy.

You need to know what every single little part does and how it fits on the extender to get the maximum out of it and be comfortable with adjusting it.

I’ve split the instructions into two equally important parts:

quick extender pro parts


  1. Put the tension springs in the hollow rods and screw the rod cap in place
  2. Add extension rods to the back of the rod with the springs, it’s important to get the correct length, but you can always add more rods or remove them if it doesn’t fit you
  3. Now put the assembled rods into the front part of the QEP with the springs facing the front part, screw them in place
  4. The QEP base should screw into the other end of the rods. Make sure you switch between screwing the rods so one doesn’t get too far ahead of the other
  5. Your Quick Extender Pro penis extender is now ready to be used
quick extender pro in hand

Putting it on and adjusting it:

  1. Start with putting a foam roll on the silicone noose, you don’t need that, but it’s way more comfortable if you do
  2. Put each end of the silicone noose in two holes next to each other and leave the noose wide open
  3. Now put your flaccid penis through the base hole and pull it out through the noose. Compress the springs with one hand while you tighten the noose just behind your penis head by pulling the silicone noose
  4. Slowly release the pressure which will start to pull your penis
  5. It’s now time to adjust the pulling power by twisting the adjustment screws on each rod. Make sure you don’t overdo one side but switch between them when adjusting the force
    traction adjustment screws
  6. You’re now ready to go


  • My penis gets pulled out – This is a common issue that occurs when you haven’t tightened down your penis hard enough or you have too much-pulling force on the Quick Extender Pro. Try to reduce the traction force a little and tighten your penis down a little harder.
  • My penis gets pinched – Another common issue is penis pinching which can happen with all penis extenders. One way to combat that issue is adding an extra foam pad between the two silicone strings. See the image below.
    pinching pointextra foam pad

Penis Stretching is a Numbers Game

Big results require big numbers, any type of penis stretching is a numbers game.

Let me explain:

You have 2 important numbers: Time and traction force. You’ll get bigger results faster if you increase any of the two numbers.

If you’ve set your Quick Extender Pro to 1500g of traction force and use it for 4 hours a day then you’ll get one result. Now increase the time you use it to 8 hours a day and you’ll get double the results.

quick extender pro traction force

There is a diminishing return on investment when it comes to time, but you generally increase your gains equal to the time you use it.

I’ve written a detailed penis extender routine plan that you can follow if you’re after similar results as me.

I increased the traction force and time spent wearing the Quick Extender Pro each week until I was at maximum traction force and 8 hours per day. It took 7 weeks to reach that but you can do it faster or slower depending on how much time you can dedicate to it.

watch with extender and measurement

My Experience After Using It for 6 Months

The first few weeks felt like an eternity and it was an uphill battle getting used to wearing it. But by week 4 I was settling into a nice routine and I was slowly ramping up the traction force each week and the amount of time I used it.

I got a little sore on the lower part of my penis glans but adjusting the soft foam around the silicone noose made it much better.

I found that wrapping my penis in 2 layers of plastic food wrap before putting on the extender, was a great way to avoid any soreness. 

Wearing it is something that you have to get used to and splitting up your sessions into smaller chunks makes it a lot more manageable. The longest I had it on was 4 hours in a single session but most of the time it was 2-hour chunks.

Don’t Expect to Wear It During Sleep

It’s not impossible to wear it while you sleep especially if you sleep on your back. I tried it a few times but I woke up each time due to pain in my penis which was caused by my moving around in my sleep.

You’re much better off using it in the daytime with loose-fitting pants.

It’s not the most comfortable thing to wear, especially if you walk around a lot and I would not recommend it if you’re planning to wear it during physical work. Sitting or standing at a deck is doable and how I used mine most of the time.

Keeping It Clean

It’s easy to forget the cleaning part but mine started smelling after just 2 days of use without cleaning it. All the Quick Extender Pro parts are non-corrosive, making it easy to clean.

I just washed it under warm tap water with a bit of dishwashing soap after each penis stretching session. I recommend using some anti-bacterial soap once per week where you disassemble the extender completely to avoid any bacterial growth.

What I Like and Don’t Like About It


  • I know the price might put you off, but it’s nothing for the results you get compared to surgery.
  • You get to enjoy the results the rest of your life.
  • A non-invasive way to enlarge your penis.
  • You can take breaks and go back to your routine when you have the time for it.


  • It is very time-consuming and requires a lot of dedication.
  • It can be painful, especially before your body gets used to the training.
  • You can’t sleep while wearing it or during physical work.
  • It’s annoying to get on and off

Buy Whatever You Can Afford

You can buy the Quick Extender Pro in 4 different packages, each with a wide range of add-ons and bonus materials.

But the Quick Extender Pro is the same in all the packages which means that you should get whatever package you can afford and don’t worry too much about all the other stuff.

Packcages: Max length: Spring Tension*: Price:
Value Edition: 6 inches 3000g force $119.93
Standard Edition: 8 inches 3500g force $179.93
Curvature Edition: 8 inches 4000g force $179.99
Deluxe Limited: 12+ inches 4000g force $349.93
*It’s not g-force but grams of force    

Pro tip: If you’re after the Deluxe Standard Edition then get the Curvature & Peyronie’s one since it comes with stronger springs and costs the same.

Double pro tip: Go to the spare parts section when you buy your Quick Extender Pro and add the 4000g springs to your order. It’s only $25 but that makes your Value Edition just as powerful as the much more expensive Deluxe Limited Edition.

Alternative Products

I’ve helped over 1000 men choose the right penis extender and I recommend the Quick Extender Pro to the vast majority of men.

But there are instances where it’s not the right choice and that’s when I recommend the Phallosan Forte which is ideal for wearing during physical work.

It’s not as effective as the Quick Extender Pro but it’s more comfortable to wear.

quick extender pro vs competition

I’ve tested and reviewed 12 penis extenders during the last 13 years working with sex toys for Aiclegal and the Quick Extender Pro does come on top when I compare them all.

Important Takeaway

Quick Extender Pro can increase your penis size, research shows it and I’ve done it personally.

Don’t expect quick (despite the name) results, it’s very much a numbers game and the more you use it the bigger your gains.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can only buy the Quick Extender Pro at quickextenderpro.com which is a bit annoying but this is done to prevent counterfeit versions.

You can use the discount code “DEALDAY” to get 20% off your order which takes the Value Edition to under $100 which is pretty damn cheap for the quality you get.

Please Share Your Results or Questions

Post your Quick Extender Pro Results below or any questions you might have and we’ll get a discussion going so we can help each other out.

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22 Responses

  1. Buyer Beware. The product may work but Quick Extender Pro customer support is a joke. They shipped me the wrong package so I opened a customer support ticket detailing what I didn’t receive. It’s been 6 weeks know and I have not received my missing items but they closed the customer support ticket.

    1. Hi
      I’ll try to get in contact with them, is it the same e-mail you used to make this comment and make the purchase with?
      Best regards,

  2. Yo, I rocking this sytem and it’s pretty solid, I’m on my third month and have seen some sick gains already!
    Can’t wait to get back in the dating game!

  3. Hello sir
    I just got my QEP product and I’m very happy with it. But I just have one question for you sir. Can I use it for all time? I want to get big penis very fast.

    1. Hi
      Do you wan to use the QEP for 24/7? That is not recommended, you should take breaks and let your penis rest.
      Start with short durations and build your way up to a maximum of 12 hours a day.
      Best regards,

  4. hi ,
    my panies is 5 inch or my age 21 and i serch soo much about pro extendar but i not see any good review about this product i dom,t know can i buy this can this realy increase my panies size

    1. Hi,
      Yes it will increase your penis size if used properly. It’s a long process but the results are permanent and you can enjoy it the rest of your life.

      Best regards,

  5. bro can this product realy increase size pleas tell me am very depression my panies is 5 inch am increas 1inch can this product realy increas or its fake

    1. Hi
      Yes you can increase your penis size with over 1 inch if you use it.

      Best regards,

      1. hi thanks for reply bro if my panies have not good reaction because of soo much masterbatio can first i solve the erreaction problem then use pro extendar or no issu to use pro extendar tell me truth thanks

  6. Hello. My current erection size is 7 inches. Using the estimator tool on the page it say I can get 10 inches in 45 days. I know that is unrealistic but my question is, in the description for the deluxe model at $179.99 it says the kit comes with extending rods that can reach 8 inches, is that as far as I can go with this model or is 8inch in bars able to stretch past 8inches. Than you.

    1. Hi

      Yes, that estimation tool is way off and you should not use that. And yes the extension rods adds to the total length of the device which is roughly 2-inches. So you’re looking at a total length of around 10-inches.

      Best regards,

  7. I purchased this device in hope to correct curvature issues due to peyronies deases. I will say it has removed a massive proportion of the curvature do too peyronies. It also added a lot of girth and some length to the size. Here is the reason I am writing this feedback. It could be made so much better. It would be very nice and convenient If It could be prepared or cocked before wearing it. If it could be pre set, locked in the compressed position then put on. After getting it on a trigger could be pressed releasing it from the compressed position allowing the springs to extend it would work so much better. However putting it on trying to compress the springs with one hand and apply the device with the other does not work very well

  8. How realistic is it to use the QEP at a public work place? I can do my best to wear loose fitting jeans or cargo shorts to help hide things, but I just wondered if this would be a possibility or not really because the product is so stiff and rigid compare to the belt types like Phallosan Forte? Any honest thoughts and opinions are appreciated!

    1. Hi
      I would 100% go with the Phallosan Forte if you’re planing to use it at work. There is simply no better “stealth” extender than the Phallosan Forte.

      Best regards,

  9. That’s some nice gains bro! I’m currently 2 months in and have been struggling to stay motivated for the last couple of weeks.
    I’m noticing a slight increase in my penis size but not what I was hoping for.
    Do you have any tips to stay motivated I could need some advice.

    1. Hi Felix93
      We each react differently to penis stretching and you could be a “slow starter” which means the effect of the stretching get better and better as time goes on.
      Think about what you already did: You took action and bought a penis extender, you learned how to use it, your body got used to it, and you have already used it for 2 months!
      That’s more than most guys.
      Just keep at it and the results will show!
      Best regards,

  10. What made you choose the Quick Extender Pro over the Phallosan Forte? I’m having an internal debate about what to choose.
    It’s all about the time you wear it as you say in the review, wouldn’t it be better to get a penis extender that you can wear all the time?

    1. Hi Franky
      I had the same debate in my head before choosing the Quick Extender Pro. What ultimately did it for me was how much I value a good night’s sleep and being able to move completely freely during the day.
      I live a fairly active lifestyle with a lot of hiking, running, and generally moving around. Sure, it would be possible to wear the Phallosan Forte while doing some of that and use it at night but it does decrease your sleep quality.
      The Phallosan Forte might be the perfect option for you. I have recommended it to lots of guys and most have been very successful.
      But for me, it just made more sense to wear a more effective penis extender for less hours a day when I’m working.
      Hope this makes sense.
      But I’m sure you’ll be happy with whatever you choose, they are both great options.

      Best regards,

  11. Hello,
    I’ve read a review where the guy says you might need to occasionally continue to wear the extender if you want to maintain the results after you’ve gotten them. Is that correct or do the results really stay?


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