Spiked Chastity Cage Guide 2024

Welcome to the world of spiked chastity cages, where pleasure meets pain and desire is met with delightful torment.

You can read about the best-spiked chastity cages that I’ve tested during my 12 years in the sex toy industry and learn some tips and tricks.

best spiked chastity cages

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What’s the Best Spiked Chastity Cage in 2024?

#1 Master Series Bolted Chastity Cage with Spikes

This bolted chastity cage with spikes from Master Series has 10 adjustable spikes surrounding your penis shaft and head. It comes with a small padlock with two keys and an Allen key to adjust the length of the spikes.

You get a small and a large ring to secure the cage to your penis and prevent it from coming off your penis. The cage is made with fine-quality stainless steel so you can wear it in the shower and as long as you can handle it.

master series bolted spikes


  • Very high-quality stainless still cage
  • 10 adjustable spikes
  • 2 rings to secure it
  • Including padlock, keys, and Allen key
  • Body-safe for permanent use


  • It’s only available in one length

What I Think About the Master Series Bolted Cage with Spikes

I like the design and the quality of it but I wish they would make a larger version, 1.75 inches (4.45cm) is just a bit too small in my case.

It’s fairly easy to tighten and loosen the spikes with the included Allen key and you can lock your penis down with it.

Overall, a really nice spiked chastity cage for you the extreme user!

I recommend the Master Series Bolted chastity cage with spikes if you want high-quality and extreme denial.

#2 Mike’s Spikes

Mike’s Spikes from by ÜberKinky is a pretty extreme chastity cage that doesn’t surround your entire penis but sits on the shaft. But you’re not going to get any kind of erection without instant punishment from the 28 spikes!

Each spike can be adjusted in length to suit your penis girth and your pain tolerance.

You need a 1/8 Allen key (3mm) to adjust the spikes which is not included, you can get it in most hardware stores and you properly already own one.

mikes spikes


  • 28 spikes that can all be adjusted
  • Really good quality
  • Made from stainless steel
  • You can use it on your balls


  • It does NOT come with an Allen/hex key
  • The padlock is not the best quality

What I Think About the Mike’s Spikes

Mike’s Spikes works differently compared to a traditional chastity cage which both has its upsides and its downsides. One major benefit is using it on other body parts, including your balls. I love this benefit and think it’s a huge plus for any type of BDSM play.

I do love the fact that you can pinpoint the pain delivering very accurately with the 28 spikes, but they do require quite a bit of work setting it up. It’s ideal if you wear it for extended periods and not just from time to time.

Overall, a solid device that lets you use your imagination and let you adjust the pain very precisely.

I recommend Mike’s Spikes from ÜberKinky if you’re after a penis ring-style chastity cage with lots of spikes.

Putting it on for the First Time

Step-by-step guide to put on a spiked chastity cage for the first time.

  1. Prepare the spiked cage: Clean the spiked chastity cage thoroughly using mild soap and warm water. Rinse and dry it properly to ensure hygiene and prevent irritation on your penis.
  2. Adjust the base ring: Determine the appropriate size of the base ring that fits around the scrotum. Loosen or tighten the ring by using the adjustable fasteners or choosing the right-sized ring that comes with the cage.
  3. Insert your penis: Gently insert your flaccid penis into the cage, ensuring it is properly aligned with the urethral opening if applicable.
  4. Secure the base ring: Position the base ring around the scrotum and ensure it is comfortable and snug. Fasten any buckles, clips, or locks provided with the cage to securely hold the base ring in place behind your balls.
  5. Adjust the spikes: If the spiked chastity cage has adjustable spikes, use the provided tools to modify their length or intensity according to your preference. The Master Series Bolted does come with an Allen/Hex key to adjust the spikes but the Mike’s Spikes does not include one so make sure you have a standard set.
  6. Double-check the fit: Ensure the chastity cage is properly aligned, allowing you to urinate and clean it without discomfort. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
how to use a spiked chastity cage

Note: Not all spiked cages are created the same way and some do not have adjustable spiked which makes them easier to put on but less customizable.

Tips: Only use the correct size of the Allen key to adjust the height of the spikes. You can end up making the hex holes rounded if you use a too-small size which can result in the spike getting stuck.

What are the Benefits of Having Spikes in your Chastity Cage?

A spiked chastity cage is a specialized type of chastity device that incorporates small spikes or studs on the interior surface of the cage. The purpose of these spikes is to provide an additional layer of deterrence and discomfort to you when you wear them, reinforcing the control and power dynamic in your relationships.

The primary use of a spiked chastity cage is to intensify your experience of chastity play by adding an element of pain or discomfort. The spikes serve as a constant reminder to you of your submission and the consequences of attempting to engage in sexual activity or remove the device without permission.

It’s important to note that the use of a spiked chastity cage should always be consensual and practiced with clear communication, trust, and respect. Boundaries and limitations should be established between you and your partner to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


A: No, I’ve seen a couple of plastic and silicone options but they sucked that it would be rude to even include them on the list of the best options above.

If you’re into metal chastity cages then head over to my guide to them and find more options. Or why not take a look at our guide to male chastity cages and you might learn a thing or two.

A: It depends on the chastity cage design but the two cages I recommend both use 1/8” (3mm) keys.

You must use the correct size because a smaller version can damage the hex hole and leave it rounded which can result in spikes that can’t be adjusted anymore.

A: Tiny pieces of dirt can get in between the spike and the thread which can cause the spike to be harder to adjust.

You can simply unscrew the spikes wash them and the threads in warm water with soap and give them a good spray with oil (make sure it’s body-safe) and it should feel as good as new.

My Final Thoughts About Spiked Chastity Cages

Spiked chastity cages are a tiny subcategory of an already small category of sex devices so it was no surprise that I haven’t seen many in my 12 years of working with sex toys.

They are however the pinnacle of erection denial which earns them a special spot among BDSM’s who love to take things to the extreme.

I’ve only covered two models in this article but you can find more options if you dare look at Amazon. I would highly advise against it due to the lack of quality control which results in bad products that might break during use – Trust me, you don’t want a spiked chastity braking while you wear it!

I recommend the Master Series Bolted chastity cage with spikes if you want high-quality and extreme denial.

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